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Hello Friends,

Welcome to the first and only official Ken Wilber website.  Thanks for dropping by.  I’m Ken, and I’ll take a few seconds to show you around.

Those of you who know me, know that I don’t exactly seek the limelight.  In fact, for 25 years, I have rather successfully avoided it.  I have instead spent most of my adult life attempting to construct a general Integral framework that would allow us to include and honor the most number of truths from the most number of sources, premodern to modern to postmodern. This Integral framework allows us to connect the previously unconnected, to build bridges where previously there were motes, and in general begin to weave together the broken and fragmented pieces of a world gone slightly mad. The result is a framework—we also call it an IOS (or “Integral Operating System”)—that allows us to integrate virtually all human endeavors into a comprehensive overview that can be applied to each, thus helping each reach its fullest success, principles, achievement, care, and consciousness.

This Integral approach has generated a great deal of interest both nationally and internationally, and I figured it was time to attempt to coordinate the numerous streams of interest in it. That is the purpose of this website.

Much thanks to Benjamin DePauw, aka TSO, who, along with team Ursa Minor, has done a brilliant job with the site and with working so beautifully to materialize and give form to the vision I had in my head. And a special thanks to Spencer Lamm, designer of the matrix website (www.whatisthematrix.com), for contributing some spectacular navigational systems (see Integral launchpad above). And now, the site:

The upper-right corner contains news, blogs, and other personal communications from me.

The upper-left corner contains numerous subsites devoted to my written work or teaching in general. Here, under Writings, subsection Books, you can find information on all 22 of my books to date, as well as late-breaking, first -draft material available nowhere else. As some of you know, I’m now hard at work finishing up volume two of the Kosmos trilogy, whose first volume was Sex, Ecology, Spirituality. The follow-up volume, which some people are calling the beginning of “wilber-5,” is, in my opinion, the finest work I’ve ever done, and aspects of, and discussions about, that work can soon be found on this site.

I’ve almost finished a new book entitled The Deconstruction of the World Trade Center—The Many Faces of Terrorism.  I will also keep you posted on its progress here on this site.

In the Books section of Writings, you can also find the Foreign Editions Gallery, a sampling of some of the foreign editions of my books. The foreign editions are really fun to look at, if for no other reason than to see the different aesthetics from different countries.  Each cover is a miniature art work reflective of those cultures. Click on any of the floating covers, and the book will freeze and clarify, and you can contemplate its often exquisitely beautiful art.

Of special interest in the Writings section is the Archives.  Some of you may remember rumors of a rather extraordinary anthology called Kindred Visions.  A group of editors, who wanted to do a definitive volume on my work, asked if I would help coordinate some of the material. I said I would, but only if we could include alternative or complementary approaches to my version of Integral. They said fine, and so I approached some 80 of the finest philosophers, psychologists, and teachers from around the world—including people like Charles Taylor, John Searle, David Chalmers, Robert Keegan, Howard Gardner, and so on—all of whom agreed to either comment on my Integral approach or write up their summary of how they would see Integral. Charles Taylor, for example, wrote an original ten-page summary of his entire corpus of work, a brilliant and extraordinary summary, along with a heart-warming appreciation for my work. John Searle gave us a 30-page summary, and so on.  Altogether, there are over 80 absolutely fascinating reflections on or about what Integral might mean, using my approach as a reflection foil. Shambhala was set to publish this, until I turned all eighty of them in, whereupon they realized that I actually had three huge volumes of material, way more than they could handle. That wonderful book has languished on computer disk for almost five years. But we will be posting all of it, in its entirety, in the archives section in the coming months.

The left middle section contains the Integral launchpad. Click on this, and you’ll find the four major websites directly connected with the Integral approach: Integral Naked, Integral Institute (the mother ship), Integral Education Network (with the first fully accredited courses and degrees from a mainstream university system), and Shambhala, founded by my friend Sam Bercholz and my main publisher of choice for the last twenty years.  We will also be doing an Integral Imprint book series with them, so stay tuned for that.

The lower right section contains a quick access to www.IntegralNaked.org, the wildly successful and outrageously fun website that contains weekly audio dialogues, conversations, blogs, and video clips of the world’s greatest living teachers, all of whom are sympathetic to the Integral approach for both personal growth and for addressing the world’s most critical problems. Please come join us in these conversation, I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.  These are definitely conversations you can hear nowhere else, including ones with Larry Wachowski (The Matrix), Michael Crichton (Jurassic Park), George Lucas (Star Wars), Bill Clinton, Tony Robbins, Father Thomas Keating, Julia Ormond, Serj Tankian (System of a Down), Billy Corgan (Smashing Pumpkins), Saul Williams, Deepak Chopra, Surya Das, Genpo Roshi, Ottmar Liebert, Ed Kowalczyk of Live, Warren Bennis, Peter Senge, among literally hundreds of other guests and visitors.

In the right middle area there is also a Photos section, for those of you who enjoy visuals. Unfortunately, I don’t save photos, or much of anything else for that matter. So, at least to begin with, most of these photos are ones that were taken for book cover jackets. So they’re all somewhat stilted, posed, or otherwise pretty shallow-looking. I’m asking friends and family to send along some more natural photos, where my true shallowness can more easily be seen. We will get those up in the coming weeks and months.

The big news right now is the launch of IntegralUniversity.org, the world’s first truly integral learning community. Integral Education Network online consists of over 25 fully functional websites all hooked together through Integral Commons. Sites like Integral Psychology, Integral Sex and Gender, Integral Consciousness Studies, Integral Politics, Integral Transformative Practice, Integral Ecology, Integral Finance, Integral Psychiatry, Integral Art, Integral Business, and so on. This is set to launch in late October, so please stay tuned to news of that launch either here or at the bulletin board at Integral Institute (see the Integral launchpad for the link).

Thanks so much for dropping by, and I hope to see you again, not only on this website or those on Integral launchpad, but perhaps live and in person at Integral Education Network or at some of the many seminars, social gatherings and raves that we’re just now beginning.

Much love, light, humor, blessings.   Ken

(Posted September 13, 2004)



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