Integral Coaching: A Closer Look (with Joanne Hunt, Laura Divine, and Ken Wilber)
March 04, 2012 13:37

In this new and intimate conversation between Ken Wilber, Laura Divine, and Joanne Hunt, you will be exposed to some of the in-depth nuances of Integral Coaching Canada's work. You will gain more intimate access to the Integral lenses that are illuminated, as well as how ICC's coaches uniquely use them, through embodied "Looking At" and subtle "Looking As" capacities. Not only is there "simplicity on the other side of complexity" in ICC's work, there is elegance, love, the alleviating of suffering, and a deep commitment to consciousness development—one human at a time.

Although there are several other coaching approaches that call themselves "Integral", ICC's Coaching method is the very first coaching methodology we've ever seen that explicitly honors and includes the full spectrum of human development—which is to say that it is the very first coaching program that fully honors and includes all of you: all of your strengths, all of your weaknesses, all of your shadows, all of your experiences, and all of your untapped potentials....

Integral Coaching: A Closer Look


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