Integral Life Art Gallery: Erotic Nature by Mark Henson
March 07, 2012 13:43

What inspires you to create?

"Magic. When you can take almost nothing, and make of it something beautiful that tells us who we are, that's magic. I am inspired by everything that happens to me! I think consciousness swirls around us like a breeze—all the ideas and concepts that ever were are floating around just waiting to be noticed and acted upon. I wish to take my favorites of these breezy things and manifest them as pictures—for unknown reasons it is mysteriously important to share the vision with everyone who cares to look. I think art has another magical property—it can communicate across time—sometimes hundreds and thousands of years, and still touch us both personal and universal levels."

What is the message of your paintings, and also your own personal message to the world?

"It's really all about love. Love of life, love of nature, love for the birds and the bees, love for all creation—it's so good, you just have to share! That's the message. It's hard to show in one big picture, so I share it in smaller pieces, each emphasizing a theme pertaining to the whole. There is an infinitude of ways to express this message, which is why we can all be artists! My personal message? Let's grow our world into a place where peace and justice prevail, where folks treat each other with kindness, love and respect, where each person has the opportunity to manifest their potential as a human being." –Mark Henson

Integral Life Art Gallery: Erotic Nature by Mark Henson


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