Soul Food
July 10, 2006 19:01

Connie Hilliard is a founding member of Integral Institute and an associate professor of history at the University of North Texas. She is the author of The Intellectual Traditions of Pre-Colonial Africa.

In teaching inner-city predominantly African American kids, Connie, who is herself African American, got a special prize for those students who worked really hard and scored really well: a sweatshirt with the four quadrants on the front and across it in handwritten letters “Soul Food.”

The photo here is of Connie and her son, Ken, who is Ken’s namesake. What follows is an email that Connie just sent Ken, and we thought you all would really enjoy it.


From: Connie Hilliard
Sent: Thursday, July 06, 2006 10:56 AM
To: Ken Wilber
Subject: Expressionism

Hi Ken,

I was scrolling through my emails recently and came across several postings from a guy named Visser. He was ranting about your "ravings." So, I of course had to take a peek. When I read your piece I laughed so hard, my ribs ached. Bravo, bro. Express yo'self.

Maybe it's a cultural thing. But, why should a man of spiritual discernment and wisdom slouch around all day, as these fellows apparently expect you to, whispering feel-good platitudes to those who've slung a noose around his neck?

Ken, you'll probably never get through to those thick-headed critics of yours. So, maybe the next time you have something to tell them, take a lesson from the rappers. Clamp those words to a hip hop beat. Forget these guys' petrified minds and spring right for their souls.


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