John Mackey—CEO of Whole Foods—Visits the Loft

July 18, 2006 00:20

~Posted by Clint

Last Thursday, John Mackey, Chairman and CEO of natural food powerhouse, Whole Foods Market, visited the loft with his wife Deborah to continue a series of discussions with Ken. (Interested readers are encouraged to listen to the their initial dialogues on Integral Naked) John’s attempts at bringing an explicitly AQAL based approach to leadership and development at Whole Foods marks one of the first, and certainly one of the most profound, moves to bring the Integral vision to life in corporate America. His work also bears testament to the allure and potential that the integral vision has in the realm of corporate leadership.

In typical fashion, Ken and John discussed a variety of topics including the Wyatt Earpy blogs, Integral Business initiatives including partnerships between I-I and Whole Foods, current I-I initiatives, Ken’s upcoming book, Integral Spirituality, and John’s top three initiatives—animal compassion standards, Whole/Fair trade project, and organic standards.

John’s approach is unique among corporate leaders in that he understands and applies the quadrants—the interior and exterior of the individual and collective—to business initiatives and sustainable corporate growth. He also grasps the principal of healthy translation, which allows him to help people at every stage of development be the best they can be at that stage. John envisions Integral business as a higher synthesis that promises to grow at an astounding rate while out-competing anything else out there.

As we move into a time where the future of business is Integral and where leaders realize that freedom without responsibility isn’t actually free, John’s work inspires us all to apply the principles of integral theory and practice in our personal and professional lives.

John wanted to meet Roger Walsh, who will be visiting Wednesday through Friday, so John and Deborah will be dropping back in again Thursday afternoon.


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