Jennifer Aniston’s Production Partner Visits Ken’s Loft…Read this Blog to Find Out Why

July 19, 2006 06:32

~Posted by Clint

Last weekend, Kristin Hahn—Jennifer Aniston’s Production Partner—took a detour from a family trip to Aspen to visit the Loft. It was nearly a decade ago when Kristin first read Grace and Grit--the compelling story of Ken and his wife Treya’s five-year journey through Treya’s illness, treatment, and death. After being approached by Producer/Director Steven Brill, regarding the vision to bring Grace and Grit to the silver screen, Kristin took the book to a meeting with Jen, who, upon seeing it, said, “I know that book, what are you doing with that book?”

(Incidentally, if you have not read Grace and Grit, stop reading this, go to this link, purchase it and read it as soon as it arrives.)

Over the next week, one thing led to another and Jen was asked to play Treya in the movie adaptation. She accepted.The project is in an early stage at this time as drafts of the screenplay are currently being written. But, one thing is certain; there is a mutual desire of all involved parties to find a way to tell this remarkable story.

In addition to looking forward to a visit from Jen, I am writing this with fervent anticipation of all that could unfold in the wake of one of Ken’s books being turned into a major motion picture. As many of you know, Ken has turned down many offers to create or appear in major media productions. Without getting into all the reasons why, it is simply clear that once you open yourself and/or your company to the media, they will not rest until they have taken every potshot under the sun. Not only would Ken’s current 25/8 work week and intense writing schedule come under relentless pressure to make appearances, do interviews, etc, I-I would have to handle the media onslaught that would most likely occur if “Integral Institute” became a popularly recognized name.

Prior to the launch of the Multiplex, this was not something that we wanted to expose ourselves to, again, for many reasons. But, with the Multiplex live, membership numbers growing daily, Integral University looming on the horizon, and Jennifer Aniston signed on to play Treya, it looks like we are approaching the time when the Integral vision takes its first steps into the realm of popular media.

Treya asked Ken to write a book about their struggle with cancer, and, in doing, he made it possible for Treya’s extraordinary vision of life, death, love, and spiritual healing to continue to unfold even 17 years after her death. This project is the next step in that unfolding. As the team continues to push this thing forward, I give thanks to Treya—a deep, profound thanks for her vision, the depth of her compassion and her ability to live and die with grace, integrity, and an uncompromising commitment to spiritual practice.

I give thanks for her life, and through it, the story that may very well be the vehicle that allows the Integral vision to carry us all to a brighter tomorrow.


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