I Am the Buddha We Are
July 30, 2006 23:31

This is a poem Rebecca wrote to Ken. Everyone who reads it is stunned by the spontaneous creative genius that tumbles out of Becca as easily and naturally as water down a fall. One line in particular struck us as a poetic chord the Komsos had never heard before: "I am the Buddha we are."

One Taste.


the love i feel for ya... jah
comes from an abundance of efforting and then....
into infinity....beyond iz'ness,
i am-ness... even that.
why we are one i do not have any question for i always know how much i love us and how....for you i will grow and for me....
you are already giving your all.
and it is enough, ken.... you fulfil me beyond my max.
how can i search for answers when we are simpler than any searching? simpler still than any attempt at happiness.
the idea of bliss runs true
like the current of our blood running blue spent with all the oxygen we have known in this sea of

cosmic mud
our consciousness lighting the breath
of our return to the life we earn
death by death.
if it does not matter that we can lose our senses, then let our souls be the marriage of mindful play and

freely perform nirmanic surgery
to alchemically transit crackly electric chemistry into the smooth white firey revelation of our SELF.
i am the buddha we are.

....and remember... let me sing these moments of symphony, the goddess asking, dear friend, why not play our gifts...together?

insatiable my erotic urge toward union through you, ken, through you, with you. here's to tasting my causal bliss current. i'm taking the plunge. immerse me in your water, the womb of such universal unique humanness. so as to become more attuned to compassionate, hilarious, rowdy, fun, bodhisattvahood.

your sensitive woman isn't even waiting that long...i'm just here now. and touching-in with you periodically in my 'meditation' this eve and playing with your body the way a singer plays with love.
up and down the scale as feels the balance of expression and stillness.

vibrate this!

i love you my sweet heart. your illumination is amazing grace and it envelops me all the way from your bed to mine.

full frontal hug and biiiig x-rated smooch!


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