Update on Ken's Health
August 03, 2006 23:34

~posted by Corey W. deVos

Here is a message I sent to the local I-I staff last Monday, just after Ken blogged about being violently attacked by his bathroom door:

I have seen Ken a few times this past week, the last time was Saturday night. Each visit had completely torn my heart out in a way I have never before felt, seeing Ken in the condition that he was in was honestly one of the most painful (yet luminous) experiences of my life. Really feeling the bottomless depth of my love and respect for him was so completely overwhelming for me; as it still is.

Today when I was at the loft, I was absolutely stunned by the improvement, almost like he had regenerated overnight. He is still really fucked up, as this blog conveys, and will be rehabilitating for awhile--but I just want to reassure all of us who love Ken so deeply that the difference was absolutely like night and day. And even in the worst moments that I witnessed throughout this week, you should know that sweet, precious smile was almost always on his beautiful, buddha-full face.

It's gonna take a lot more than a bathroom door to take out our Superman, i assure you... =)

This was written three days ago, and Ken continues to improve in many ways, details of which we will report upon soon. Incredibly, he is already back to writing each morning, from around 2 am until 6 am. Apparently no one told the door that Ken has so much work to do.

And as a side note, Ken's popularity as an academic and scholarly writer continues to grow and grow. Check out the screenshot below, which is a poll taken by our good friends at Zaadz, in which members vote upon their all time favorite books. Ken managed an unbelievable clean sweep—the top 5 favorite books are all written by Ken!!! This is beyond impressive, considering that Ken's work is decidedly not for the intellectually timid. And so it seems there just may be some hope yet for our painfully confused world….

I'm going to go beat up that bathroom door now, just to be sure.


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