Ken in Translation
August 04, 2006 23:52

With some twenty books translated in up to thirty-three foreign languages, Ken is indeed America’s most widely-translated academic writer. What’s so encouraging about this is the nature of the topic itself: a profound and sophisticated version of integralism, which indicates that the leading edge of consciousness is indeed moving into a higher wave or level of evolution. Ken has always taken the popularity of his books as an indication of the emergence of this newer and higher wave of existence. “I did not create this new wave of consciousness, I am simply surfing it and trying to draw attention to it for those who might be interested.”

If you would like to see a sampling of around sixty of his foreign editions, go to the top navigation bar, the Professional section, then click Books, and in the lower right of the screen you will see “Enter the Foreign Editions Gallery…” and click that. This is where the fun begins. On the page that comes up you’ll see the front covers of the sampling of foreign editions—try clicking them. Once inside, you’ll find five galleries. Click on any one of them, and up will come a floating gallery, which is particularly cool because it was designed by the Matrix website designer. Click on any one of the floating books and it will open.

The book cover that you see here is from Eaco Cogliani, Ken Wilber: La Nuova Visione del Mondo, La Visione Integrale, La Practica Integral [The New Vision of the World, the Integral Vision, the Practical Integral]. This is an original book coming in at 527 pages explaining and elucidating Ken’s work.

But this is one of our favorite book covers for several reasons. Look carefully at the center of the cover under the arch, and you will see a rather famous bald head. The painting itself is rather well known, and represents the entire classical tradition of the Western academy. To have the integral vision recognized as transcending and including this tradition is fairly electrifying, to say the least. We thought you would enjoy this image as much as we did....

(Ken’s health is continuing to mend rapidly, and as of this time, Ken is planning on making his New York appearance with Traleg Rinpoche. We will include a more detailed update in the next blog.)



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