Announcing Phase II
August 12, 2006 02:28

Dear Friends,

You know well by now my devotion to the work of Integral Institute. At moments like this, when I reflect on all that has been accomplished in the last five years, I stand in awe. When I look back on the reasons we started I-I—to foster growth and the healthy expression of development, to help unpack the expressive unfolding of Spirit, to create a place of belonging—I am deeply pleased to find that today this vision is being enacted, and ever so beautifully.

This little project of ours needs now to expand—to move, as we’re calling it, from Phase I to Phase II. The Integral revolution is taking off all around us, and I-I is growing right along with it.

Only a few years ago, I-I consisted of 8 volunteers and semi-volunteers involved in a ‘hyperdance’ with me that barely managed to get off the ground. It wasn’t easy, and we did it with love, passion, and an aversion to sleep. Since then we’ve grown to a dedicated team of 35, and you have seen the results of this growth first-hand. Phase I brought forth the seminars, the websites, the gatherings, the videos, the community, and some of the most interesting blogging on the planet.

Phase II will put all these remarkable accomplishments in a context where Integral consciousness can begin to reach a wider audience. As you may know, I-I is attracting more and more attention and doing bigger and brighter things, and we need to grow our organization to meet this new demand for our work.

Internally, Phase II will allow us to implement an Integral holarchy to run the day-to-day operations of I-I. We are using a model that is, I believe, truly revolutionary. I-I will lead by example, showing the world that the 2nd Tier organizations it so desperately needs are indeed possible.

Externally, Phase II will allow I-I to reach further into popular consciousness by deepening and expanding all the parts of the Multiplex, from Integral Training to Integral University to Integral Spiritual Center. Some of these changes have already begun, but others will require greater staff, greater expertise, and greater resources.

We kicked off Phase II with a major campaign that is already proving successful, working with key people to secure the $3M funding to finalize this transition. We are on our way to a brighter realization of this same vision, started so long ago, and we are creating a place for the Integral vision to grow, mature, and move out into popular consciousness, lifting everyone in its wake. The love and much-appreciated financial support coming from all of you, the Integral community, are nurturing and developing our vision for the next generation.

Please stay tuned in the upcoming weeks to find out what is happening here at I-I with Phase II. If you are interested in participating in Phase II, or have any comments for our staff please contact us at

The Integral revolution has begun, and is continuing brilliantly onward, thanks to you, our community.

Love and Blessings,


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