Integral Spiritual Center LIVE!
August 21, 2006 21:40

What began as a discussion of Integral Spirituality's Introduction and Note to the Reader became a breathtaking experiential exercise of the subject of Chapter 7, "A Miracle Called 'We'!" The call had been scheduled for 90 minutes, but the discussion of questions from five ISC members lasted 2 3/4 hours! Despite considerable physical pain, Ken was in incredible form, and the call was alternately deeply touching, outrageously funny, and incredibly brilliant. The questions were excellent and allowed for a deep, critical discussion of AQAL and spirituality. The call was streamed live to the world via, and will be posted in its entirety on the site within 2 weeks. A heartfelt thanks to our members on the call, those who listened in on the web, and to Ken, for this incredible offering, which stands, in my estimation, with the best of our material at I-I. With a beginning like this, one can only imagine where the Integral Spirituality discussion series will take us in the end....

If you haven’t had a chance to check out Integral Spiritual Center, we invite you to come see what all the buzz is about. With pre-release chapters from Integral Spirituality, live conference calls with Ken, exclusive video from the inaugural ISC gatherings (featuring over 40 of the world’s finest spiritual teachers) and the most intelligent, savvy discussion forums on the net, is the epicenter of a new step forward in humanity’s intrinsic yearning to see, to understand, and to become one with that which is most Real. And here is the utterly awesome and humbling revelation of our age: never has Reality been able to see itself more fully than it can through an integral perspective—and we have the opportunity to participate. The Eye of Spirit is the eye of eternity, but to see itself played out in time, Spirit can only ever look out through your eyes; my eyes; our eyes. Together, we just might see something Spirit has never seen before. Together, we just might surprise eternity—if only for a moment….

We’d love to have you join us,

Rollie Stanich
Chief Facilitator
Integral Spiritual Center


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