Perdu Dans Traduction
August 31, 2006 15:18

The following is a quote from an open letter written by French scholar Bernard Dugué (translation by Christine Munson):

"...It was in 1990, I needed for my research a book from Ken Wilber concerning spectrum psychology (published in 1986). This fundamental text was not available in France, so it had to be shipped from a London library. If one knows that this author is more important than Jung or Lacan, one can measure the ignorance of our distinguished universities, as well as the deficiency of our libraries. Moreover, it is impossible to find the translation of Wilber's major work already available for over ten years, which strangely reminds us of how late Freud was imported in France in the beginning of the 20th century. For your information, it has to be said that among the 16 books of this contemporary author sometimes designated as the Einstein of consciousness, 3 are translated in French. We are behind Spain (15 translations), Germany (14), Japan (10), The Netherlands (7), Portugal (6), Italy (5), Poland (4), same as Taiwan, Denmark and Czech (sources: www."

(Note from Editors: We can't vouch for the exactness of these translation numbers but expect them to be mostly accurate.)


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