Eddie K to Join Ken in NYC
August 30, 2006 20:36

Ken sent the following letter to I-I staff earlier today and we wanted to share it with you. It is in regards to his upcoming trip to NYC to give a talk with Traleg Rinpoche


Eddie Kowalczyk, lead singer/songwriter of the super-band Live, will be joining me on all of our stops for the upcoming weekend September 8/9, as well as perform some of his exquisite songs at these venues.

I wanted to give people in New York a heads up here. Sam and Traleg Rinpoche, this means Eddie is available to work with us during Saturday, which will be terrific. We can discuss this on our next call.

Lynne, Kate, Robin, Barron, and crew: this means Eddie will be joining us for the Sunday I-I member event, which will be totally cool. He’ll also accompany me for the evening event, which of course is more relaxed and easy-going, but will help with the atmosphere considerably. Eddie’s songs have both great depth and great popular appeal, a very difficult combination, but it helps to set a deeply spiritual atmosphere while also being rip-roaring fun.

Folks, we’ll let you know if there are any special needs electronics wise, but if so, it will be relatively simple. Will let you know….

I think this is fantastic, and will give us a very flexible approach with both great depth and great span. And hot damn, Ed, it will be great working with you. We are going to melt some paint, an exuberant transmission and Joyous event for all….

Much love,


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