“The Most Important Person I am Aware of on the Planet Right Now….”
September 26, 2006 13:12

The following was sent to us by I-I teacher Terry Patten, and we’re passing it along to you:


Brace yourself. I'm about to say something publicly that, so far, I have only spoken quietly to close friends:

"Ken Wilber is by far the most important person I am aware of on the planet right now, doing work, I think, that is setting in motion changes, on all levels, that will reverberate throughout history. As far as I can see, this planet has never seen anything like him, nor has anyone else been able to gather together as many high-powered, deeply committed, seriously-credentialed people under one umbrella. And I see no indication of his work slowing down. Quite the contrary. It is picking up steam -- people, money, endorsements, awareness, insights, organizational know how, etc. -- so fast it is difficult to keep up with it."

There you have it. And now we have a forum on NHNE that is dedicated to keeping an eye on Ken Wilber, Integral Institute, and all the writings, people, projects, and activities connected to Wilber and his work.

Who is Ken Wilber? Joseph Dillard, who is serving as the moderator of this new forum, has put together a quick primer. You can find it, along with an insightful Forward that Wilber wrote in 2002, in NHNE's "All Things Integral" Forum:

And oh yeah, while Joseph will be serving as the moderator for this forum (primarily because he has actually read and at least partially understood many of Wilber's books), I will acting as a sidekick. Should be fun. I hope a few of you will decide to join in...

--- David Sunfellow
NHNE Founder & President

David Sunfellow

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