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March 01, 2006 08:00

This is the first blog entry of the new site, but I am writing it today, April 26th, which is the date of the actual launch of the site. The reason I am doing so is that we had originally planned to launch at the beginning of March, but things got so intense on the website construction of the Integral Multiplex that we pushed the launch back about a month and a half. But we have several blog entries that were made during that period, and we’re going to put up a dozen or so of them, just for fun, including my trip to New York for the premiere opening of V for Vendetta with my friend Larry Wachowski, a few reports on the rather extraordinary Integral Spiritual Center gathering, my polite declining of the $10,000 Infinity Foundation Spirit Award, and a few other fun items.

Notice that I keep using the pronoun “we.” That’s because we are trying a ton of very novel things on this website starting with the construction itself (which is really about 12 or 13 different site designs woven into one), and the fact that there will be dozens of different people blogging on this site, weaving their stories in with mine. You’ll see who these way cool dudes and dudesses are as we go along. (Does Ken Wilber actually talk like that? Sort of. And does he actually refer to himself in third-person? Sort of, sometimes.)

Some of the immediate dudes are Clint, Editor of the site; Corey, Managing Editor of the site; Colin, my Personal Assistant; and Coolmel, the Blogosphere Advisor. The main requirement to be part of this wonderful group is that your name begin with a “c.” Everything else is pretty much open. Each of them will be blogging on events that occur in my life, in their lives, and in our common lives at Integral Institute. On some occasions, you will find different people blogging about the same event, just so you will get a dance of perspectives, to which you can then add your own. As other bloggers join the effort, we will introduce you to them. We might even ask some of you to be guest bloggers as well. The thing is, on this site, you can just never tell.

But the main aim of this site is, in every way possible, to be post-post-conventional, radically integral, and deeply textured in the basic ground of luminous clarity and consciousness as such. I hope you join us in this ongoing narrative as a co-construction of the many views in the mind of God.



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