Integral Spiritual Center
March 02, 2006 18:23

Today is the last day of the Integral Spiritual Center gathering, the second such major gathering since its inception last year. We plan on having two of these major conventions with all of the teachers each year, and then several smaller gatherings and workshops in between. When we first started ISC, we all knew it would be something very special. But two days into the first meeting of ISC, and we knew we had something much more than that on our hands—something both deeply humbling and infinitely uplifting. The evening of the second day Genpo Roshi called his wife and was heard to say, “This is the single most extraordinary experience of my entire life.” I heard half of the teachers say something similar, and I don’t think the other half would disagree very much. [You can read the teacher reflections for yourself at—Colin]

These 25 teachers are at the top of their game; they are, quite simply, the finest meditative and contemplative teachers anywhere; they are not very easily swayed or impressed; they have indeed been around the block several times; and we all had our blocks knocked off. I myself knew something rather extraordinary was occurring the morning of the third day, when we were doing a special type of meditation for the 100 members of the public audience that we admit on the third day. (The first two days are closed to the public and are for the teachers only, as they intensely teach each other.) There seemed to be an audible snap in the room—not to get too magical about it—but it simply indicated a truly profound we space had formed, constituted by the incredible depth of all of these teachers working together synergistically. On one side of history were 25 different and separate lineage minds flowing into this room; on the other side, was a laser beam newly formed that seemed to have something subtly written on it, something like, “the religion of the future.” That’s what made it so profoundly humbling, right to the root, right to the core. But we were all changed that day. Changed in about as deep a way as change can have any meaning.

So we are back again, allowing this we space to continue to grow, and again struck by the Big Mind, Warm Heart, and Loving Embrace that drove the whole occasion. There’s so much to say about this gathering, and about the extraordinary teachers at its center. I’m sure I’ll be blogging about it more. If you’re interested in the proceeding of ISC, including the possibility of joining us as members of ISC, and as participants in some of these gatherings, please go to



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