Deconstruction of a Postmodern Musician
October 25, 2006 08:06

Editor's Note: We are happy to announce that Corrado Rustici's new album Deconstruction of a Postmodern Musician is now available in Italy, and on iTunes in the US.  An Integral Approach has deeply influenced Corrado's work, and Corrado asked Ken if he could say a few words on integral art for his new album.  Ken was happy to oblige, and the following is the original edit of what can now be found in the CD liner notes (it had to be shortened slightly due to space considerations).  

Corrado has a gorgeous website that uses the quadrants as the navigation system, along with a new site dedicated to latest album.  Both can be found at  You can also find Corrado in dialogue with Stuart Davis on Integral Naked.



Having spent over three decades developing an Integral Approach to "life, god, the universe, and everything," many people have come forward to ask, "What is integral art?"  If we take integral to mean comprehensive or inclusive, then what does that mean if I am an artist?  If, for example, I am a painter, must I blend together all known styles of painting-abstract, to realist, to impressionist-and simultaneously make visual reference to every known aspect of human experience?  Surely something must be off here.  A "comprehensive approach" to cuisine doesn't mean stacking burritos on top of sushi on top of lasagna, does it?  That would simply be nauseating, and the same is true for art.

So what, then, is integral art?  Simply put, integral art is anything created by an artist with integral consciousness.  Integral consciousness can hold in mind the entire spectrum of creative possibility, but one doesn't therefore combine every "color" in his or her palette, which creates, precisely, mud.  If integral awareness is anything, it is an increase in one's ability to discriminate and to judge what is pleasing, and therefore also what to reject.  As an integral artist, one is free to choose the stark purity of a solo piano, or the complex rhythmical synthesis of a dozen musical elements, but both can be equally integral.  (For those interested, see chapters 4 and 5 of my book The Eye of Spirit for an in-depth discussion of integral art.)

My good friend Corrado has deeply integral consciousness, and Deconstruction of a Postmodern Musician is a direct and beautiful testament to this fact.  Composed and expressed with an incredible display of technical skill, his music radiates with a fullness of being that wants nothing more than to share the abundance from which it flows.  Employing a wide range of musical voices and emotional tones, what one is left with is the tangible feeling of depth, long after the last note is struck.

What is it about depth that touches us so?  How is it that the human soul can distinguish between the superficial and the profound?  Most of all, what is this absolutely stunning miracle of beauty?  Science cannot measure, count, or point to beauty, and so according to the worldview of most hip, savvy, modern human beings, beauty technically does not exist.  Yet there it is.  And we all recognize it, just as we might recognize love, or justice, or wisdom.

Perhaps it is here, amidst those delicate intuitions of something more meaningful than a world composed of frisky dirt, that we can find the true essence of integral art.  Be it the haunting chords of a song, a fiery sunset emblazoned in paint, or the face of a stranger captured on film, beauty takes us beyond ourselves, beyond the tension of separation, to a place we might not have otherwise suspected existed.  For a moment, there is no song, no sunset, no face... and no self.  For a moment, something else entirely shines forth, and even the sun is but one small ray of the Grace illuminating the Kosmos from within.  It is here that beauty, truth, and goodness find their home.  It is here that the integral impulse towards wholeness finds its timeless source in Wholeness.  And it is here that the Great Artist is revealed, and that Artist is none other than the one looking out through your eyes right now, painting through your brush, singing through your voice, dancing through your body, marveling at the wonder of it all... astonished at what you have created.

What is integral art?  Why not find out yourself with Corrado's inspired and daring Deconstruction of a Postmodern Musician?  It's quite a wonderful experience, and a journey well worth taking.

If an Integral Approach has caught your interest, we'd love to have you visit us at Integral Institute, the Center for Integral Art at Integral University, and Integral Naked, where you can find Corrado in dialogue with our own resident integral artist, Stuart Davis.

But for now, enjoy the music....

Ken Wilber 



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