The Celestine Prophecy Movie Premier
April 21, 2006 23:17

Our good friend Bob Richards (founder of Clarus, maker of the Q-Link) invited us out to the Denver premier of The Celestine Prophecy. James and Salle Redfield were there to introduce the movie to the audience, and before the film started rolling Ken and James got caught up on the whirlwind of activity in each otherís lives. For James, it was making this movieóthe right way. For Ken, itís everything weíre sharing on!

Ken, his partner Rebecca, myself, and our new friend Michael Richardson attended the movie, and it is clearly a work of deep love.

Celestine has always been controversial, some claiming that it reaches genuinely transrational and transpersonal spirituality, and others claim that although it might contain elements of that, it primarily resonates with prerational magic and myth. Which is it? Go check out the movie and see what you think....

Visit to find a theater near you where it is playing!


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