I'm Looking for a Turquoise CEO
November 26, 2006 12:45

Integral Institute is now searching for a CEO, our first official CEO (not a temporary and acting CEO, as we have now, and whose contract was for 6 months, ending in January). In other words, this is the chance to be the first CEO in the history of the first truly integral organization in history.

Sound interesting? I hope so, since that extraordinary significance and historical fame is what you will get instead of pay. Well, we actually pay, although it will not be what you are used to getting if you are a typical business CEO. What this means is that the office will very likely be filled either by somebody who is young and somewhat inexperienced, or older and possibly even retired. But, of course, we would love to hear from any and all who are seriously interested, and want to be part of an extended integral family that is already changing the world.

The qualifications are twofold. Must be a brilliant business person with demonstrated CEO-level capacities; must be turquoise or indigo altitude (or higher), with a working knowledge of AQAL. If you are interested, please send relevant info to In addition to the standard resume, just tell me in your own words: why do you want this job, and why do you think you’d be good at it? You might be holding one of the most significant positions on the planet today—convince me you won’t drop it.

We are gearing up for the first Annual Integral Conference here in Denver, Colorado. One of the many tasks we at I-I face is coordinating an explosive interest in all things integral, as well as a huge volunteer force whose resources we would like to be able to use—if we ourselves had the resources to process them. We have Integral University just beginning; we have Integral Seminars and Integral Training; we have twenty-three Integral Centers—from Integral Medicine to Integral Business to Integral Sustainability to Integral Politics to Integral Education to Integral Law to Integral Art to Integral Consciousness Studies; we have Integral Coaching and Consulting, just beginning; we have Integral Spiritual Center, with thirty of the world’s absolutely finest spiritual teachers, coming together semiannually to change the very face of religion itself; we have Integral Naked expanding into new markets, including Hollywood and beyond; to name a few. All of these will come together in the first Annual Integral Conference. And we have just created our membership magazine, The Integralist: A Journal of Both/And, to give expression to all of that.

Do you think you are capable of managing and providing leadership for all of that?

If so, I’d love to hear from you. Come change the world with us, integrally. Again, that’s

—Ken Wilber
President, Integral Institute


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