Clinton Recommends Wilber at World Economic Forum
March 05, 2006 22:21

Video clips of Bill Clinton recommending Ken’s work are now flying around the net. At the latest World Economic Forum meeting in Davos, Switzerland, Bill Clinton said, “What the world needs now is integral consciousness… as described by Ken Wilber in his book
A Theory of Everything.” It’s pretty amazing for an ex-President to make that type of explicit recommendation. Anyway, Ken is getting flooded with emails about the whole thing. I know he is planning on doing something with Clinton through the Integral Politics Center at Integral University, but we’ll see….

Clinton has read a lot of Ken’s books. He read The Marriage of Sense and Soul, wrote a four-page hand written letter about it, and gave it to Vice President Al Gore and suggested he read it. Al Gore did so, and told The New Yorker magazine that it was “my favorite new book.” Ken recently spoke with Al Gore, and in an hour plus telephone conversation they talked about the necessity to take an Integral Approach to environmental concerns. The Vice President indicated a strong interest in Integral Ecology, and the Integral Ecology Center at IU is preparing a package for him. The Vice President told Ken he was also particularly interested in getting content from Integral Institute for his new TV network, Current. This could be pretty interesting….



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