Integral Institute Careers
January 17, 2007 12:58

 Integral Institute Careers

Integral Institute is the leading destination for people seeking the map, tools and community to cultivate an Integral lifestyle, and we are offering a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for talented business executives to help us manage our fast growth and dynamic Integral service offering.  Integral Institute is preparing to launch a major update to its product and service suite and technology platform in order to better serve its worldwide audience of Integral practitioners and is now accepting resumes from candidates in key executive positions.

As part of the world’s leading Integral service company and working in Boulder (i.e., Denver), Colorado, one of the nicest places in the United States, you’d be a member of a special group of talented people in an amazing 2nd tier culture working to provide world-class services and products that are highly relevant to our members’ lives.  Ideal candidates are people who are Integrally-informed, capable of operating regularly from 2nd tier perspectives, and have a significant track record of demonstrable achievement in relevant professional positions.  Because each of these positions has a significant influence on II strategy it is important that the right candidates be able to communicate clearly how Integral theory and applications have influenced their own lives.  Candidates also should be able to mentally balance the broad platform of services that Integral Institute represents with the focused discipline needed to best serve our members in each area.  As a small but growing non-profit, we especially welcome candidates who are at stages of their careers where assistance can be provided on an economically advantageous basis for an introductory period.  Nevertheless, if you believe you are the right candidate and you are passionate about the Integral lifestyle and its impact on everything from politics to spirituality, medicine to relationships, than we’d love to hear from you!  Please reply to

Chief Technology Officer

Vice President, Marketing and Business Development

Vice President, Content Publishing



Chief Technology Officer

II is looking for a deeply-experienced web technology executive with at least 10 years’ experience designing, managing and implementing robust integrated web-technology platforms.  The right candidate will have working knowledge and experience of best-in-class web 2.0 architecture, applications, development, user interface design, and the organizational setup and management experience required to be an effective Chief Technology Officer, and will have operated in this capacity for at least 5 years. Specifically, the successful candidate would have a verifiable record of accomplishments in all or the majority of the following disciplines and or activities:

- Successful track record of leading a software development team, developing applications for a web-intensive business

- Software development lifecycle management

- Reporting and business intelligence

- Web services

- Workflow management

- Java, J2EE and related technologies

- Large user community management with major application server technologies

- Large database management

- Global 100 IT department requirements

- Strong project management skills

- Strong communication skills

- Ability to access tools/technology that are commercially available and how they can be leveraged internally

As a member of the Senior Management team, you will report directly to the company CEO.  We regret that we cannot consider candidates that do not meet most of the requirements listed above.  The position will be located in Boulder, Colorado but creative accommodations can be considered during the phase-in period; special consideration will be given to local candidates.

Vice President, Marketing & Business Development

The VP M&BD is a key executive role driving II’s product and service growth.   Reporting directly to the CEO, this executive will be responsible for facilitating launch of all new product and service initiatives and managing ongoing initiatives across digital media, packaged products, events, and academic departments.  The right candidate will have at least 15 years’ experience in a broad array of marketing and business development functions, including brand building and brand strategy, channel development, marketing program design and execution, product and service mix arrangement, and digital media development and promotion.  The successful candidate will have a minimum of 5 years experience in leading both creative and strategic functions and initiatives for a high-volume website operating on a global scale.

In addition, you will:

- Develop and manage brand position and brand execution

- Develop and manage online and offline sales, advertising and channel partner efforts

- Work closely with both internal and external partners and donors

- Interface with thought leaders across II properties to prepare business requirements and high-level end-user requirements for new initiatives

- Interface with II’s internal technology team that is responsible for building new user enhancements

- Manage via teamwork and collaboration, both within the department and via interaction with others

- Demonstrate ability to develop strategic plans, which result in successful tactical implementation

The position will be located in Boulder, Colorado but creative accommodations can be considered during the phase-in period; special consideration will be given to local candidates.

Vice President, Content Publishing

The VP of Content Publishing is a key position for Integral Institute and will take responsibility for II’s overall content strategy and functionality, as well as oversee content creation and production for II events, print publishing, multimedia publishing, websites, academic journals and degree programs.  This executive will work on integrating brand content across all delivery platforms and must have a high degree of proficiency with Integral theory, applications and practice, editorial process and online delivery mechanisms.  This position reports directly to the CEO but will also work closely with Ken Wilber and the AQAL advisory council, which ensures that all II products and services conform to the AQAL Integral standard.  The ideal candidate will have 10+ years experience of increasing responsibility in similar roles, preferably with a mix of online experience, executive editorial experience, and packaged products formulation.  Key requirements include:

- Set editorial direction and content plan for II online properties and offline publishing

- Recruit and manage editorial staff across several delivery platforms

- Edit content as well as oversee quality for all online content

- Thorough understanding of AQAL theory and the many ways it can be applied in different settings and delivery mechanisms

The position will be located in Boulder, Colorado but creative accommodations can be considered during the phase-in period; special consideration will be given to local candidates.





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