Red ~C Diary: KW Rabbit Hole
April 28, 2006 01:00

Hi there. My moniker is ~C4Chaos. I'm one of the blogmeisters here at one of the 4Cs of the apocalypse: care, creativity, compassion, and chaos.

So what the heck will I be doing here? Good question! I'm not quite sure too. But I think I'm here to share what I've learned from blogging over the years and make sure that the cool people here are doing it right (more on this as we go along). It's also my way of saying thanks and giving back to some awesome people who made my journey through this life a little more bearable, saner, and more enjoyable.

So what are my qualifications for getting this cool gig? That's another good question! I knew you'd ask that! Allow me to recapitulate and expound some more.

I started blogging in October 2003. Back then I had no idea what I was getting into. All I knew was that one of my intentions was to share the stuff I learned from Integral Theory along with whatever musings that pass by my train of thought. Little did I know that blogging will change the way I write, the way I think, the way I perceive things, and the way I make connections, both online and offline. What was once a hobby has now turned into a passionate and compassionate transformative practice a practice that embraces self, culture, nature, and the (cyber)Divine in all its myriad forms. I gave this practice a name and a manifesto just to be cyber-funky: Kosmic Blogging - blogging egos into cyberspace and watching them grow to Infinity....

The idea of Kosmic Blogging was a by-product of Integral Theory. Its actual practice was inspired by Ken Wilber's One Taste. The ironic thing however is that, Ken Wilber doesn't even blog. Well, until now!

Aside from the uber-cool overhaul of, this blog section is testament that Ken is now willing to play along the blogosphere.

However, personally, the last thing I want to see on Ken's blog are sleep-inducing theoretical essays with massive footnotes. For me, a blog is an expression of "personality." So I don't like Ken's blog to turn into AQAL-defense mechanism infested with comments from readers who think they can outsmart the bald philosopher in intellectual food fight.

Well, occasionally maybe some hyperlinks to work-in-progress essays or books are cool, but in general, as a long time student of Ken's work, I've always wanted to get a sampling of how the bodymind Ken Wilber thinks when he's not writing a book, when his intellectual samurai is sheathed, when he's not defending AQAL, when he's not doing his I-I day job, when he's not meditating, when his brain waves are not down to zero. In short, what I want to see is Ken's expression of his simple being, in blog form. Um, I take that back. I actually want to sample what Ken is thinking especially when his brain waves are down to zero!

I guess we all just have to wait and see. So keep watching very, very carefully. In the meantime, this bodymind would like to express its gratitude to the following:

I thank the blogosphere and all its denizens for making it possible for this consciousness to grow in hyperspeed. The blogosphere has become my playground where ideas are formed and channeled, where friendships are brewed, where love and angst are expressed, where the profane and profound mutually co-exist, and where Spirit manifests as hyperlinked ephemeral web pages. I thank the elegance of Integral Theory for making it possible for this consciousness to have a map of "reality" that enables it to hold different ideas and point-of-views, conflicting or otherwise, and still see "the big picture." I thank Ken Wilber for inspiring this consciousness to be as whole as it could possibly be, and for putting the word Kosmos back into mainstream vocabulary.

But when all things are said and done even blogging is but a child's play in this kosmic grain of sand where anything, everything, and nothing happen all at the same time.

~C (for Cosmos ought to be spelled Kosmos)


Joe Satriani is god! -- ~C4Chaos

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