Manjushri, Vajrapani, Angel, Bodhi-Part 2
May 01, 2006 00:08

2. There is no beauty without the WE and the IT

I arrived in Denver at noon yesterday (April 21), had a shuttle deliver me to the Oxford hotel where Colin picked me up to be “instantly taken to the Maha Pandit to report for duty.”

I spent the afternoon watching Colin and Ken buzz around the Integral Hive of Ken’s loft.

a) Colin Bigelow’s Insights

1. When Colin first arrived, the first thing I noticed in SEEING him was that he didn’t really walk per se, he floated. Or maybe hovered is a better word. His gait seemed to be all heels then all toes combined with the impression of skating.

2. Shaking hands with Colin was, for me, like physically bumping heads. As for him? Colin looked at me and giggled.

3. -What form of meditation do you practice? I asked Colin. -None really, he responded. I don’t need to create space. I have enough space. I find ways to pull this space into day to day activities.

Colin ate a bowl of chili accentuated with “yum” after every bite.

b) Ken Wilber’s Insights

4. Ken’s gait is rare. He appears to fall forward as if walking down a hill completely giving himself to gravity. It seems uncontrolled (at first) but he somehow includes abrupt spins and changes of direction. Watching him work in his loft (shirtless), he gives off the impression of JEANS and ARMOR.

5. But he’s gentle.

-Are you nervous Michael? Ken asked. -Very, I said. -Embrace your anxiety, Ken said, and most of it will disappear.

Thankfully, he was correct.

6. Ken’s energy is a Vortex. Vortex being too strong a word. And too SMALL.

7. The first time I SAW Ken, I envisioned him standing on a pyramid. It made me think of a tetrahedron. The three prongs of the pyramid representing the Good, the True, and the Beautiful. Could this be what Buckminster Fuller meant by claiming the tetrahedron as a basic form of nature?

c) Rebecca Carlson’s Insight

8. Ken’s girlfriend, Rebecca, attended a screening of The Celestine Prophecies with Ken, Colin, and me. The psychic energy of the three of them combined took me to a place I’d never been. What WAS this? Ken calmly spinning. Colin releasing his never-ending stream of ballons into the wind. And then Rebecca, talking to me on the way home, every sound an indistinguishable sequence of butterflies and cylinders.

d) The Ninth Insight

9. I met Ken and Rebecca’s dog, BODHI.

Michael Richardson

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