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June 03, 2008 05:05

I have some really good news and a little bit of bad news.  The really good news is that you might become famous, right here.  If you've got any truly Integrally (i.e.,"AQAL-ly") informed article, essay, review of any sort, or any other communication that is truly AQAL-energized, I will post it on this website where thousands and thousands of people will see it.  [What is AQAL?  See "IOS Basic and the AQAL Map."]

It can be an essay on any topic, from psychology to economics to art to religion.  It can be the review of a current (or past) movie, whether it's attempting to be integral or not; or of a CD, in terms of the actual lyrics or the states that are evoked.  It can be a defense of my work, where somebody has criticized my work without fully understanding it, or where their view understood it well enough but can be easily responded to and outcontextualized by a truly AQAL response.  It can be a critical essay on a past theorist or writer, showing how they can be AQALly transcended and included.  And so forth.  If you have a website, we will link to that and give it significantly increased traffic, and where, on your site, you might wish to engage in online responses and discussions of your piece, whether friendly or more like blog wars. 

Please send your article, essay, or review to

And now a little bit of bad news.  When you submit your material to us, you won't know if it's accepted until you see it on this blog site.  And if we just can't use the piece, I'm afraid you won't hear anything at all.  Whether it's accepted or not, we just don't have the resources to reply to each and all of you.  But I promise you that I will read your piece and consider it carefully, as will the editors of the site.  You will receive an automatic announcement that the material has been received, and that we are very grateful for your efforts.  But neither I nor the editors of this site can give you constructive criticism.  As I said, although we'd really like to, we just ain't got the time, as I'm sure you understand.  But if it is accepted, getting your material published on this site will really put you and your work on the forefront of the Integral revolution.  We got a fast-moving train here, and you're welcome to climb onboard and be part of this sizzling ride--if you've got what it takes. 

Want to give it a try? Submit to, and see what happens.  I'd like to encourage all of you out there who know AQAL and are already applying it to various areas, disciplines, and aspects of your life in this world as they unfold, to go ahead and write these up and therefore make a statement that will be heard.  Here are a few suggestions to get you started:

-The rock group the Transpersonals; their CD Evolve or Die.  (They're from Bristol, which is totally cool, so how post-postmodern and trans-ironic are they actually?  It certainly seems that they are headed in the right direction, but what do you think?)

-Praxis Peace Institute Conference: Transforming Culture.  (An upcoming conference in Croatia.  Incidentally, some of my books have been translated into Croatian--seriously.  But this conference is given by mostly Americans.  Check out the website and see what you think: is it really just a bunch of aging boomers reliving the same old Aquarian conspiracy boomeritis dreams?  Or have the boomers managed to get over themselves enough to see the world in front of them?) 

-The movie Apocalypto, by Mel Gibson.  It doesn't pretend to be Integral, but it makes a statement that can best be understood from an Integral view, and so pieces doing so will be considered.  Note that Mel Gibson presents the indigenous tribes with a fair amount of historical accuracy.  The Aztecs, Incas, Hurons, and Mayans (and other indigenous tribes) did indeed hunt other tribes and capture them for live human sacrifices (that's what the pyramids were for).  One account told of over 60,000 humans sacrificed by cutting out their hearts and then rolling them down the pyramid, where they were literally made into stew and eaten by the village.  Gibson shows all of this in graphic detail, in what one critic called "the most violent movie I have ever seen."  And then, right at the end of the movie, where one Indian is trying to escape the Aztec Indians and is running along the shore, he looks up and there is a ship of Europeans about to land (possibly Cortez himself), and the audience can't help but think, "Thank God! Here comes a little bit of civilization"--which is exactly what Gibson wants them to think.  That's the whole point of the film.  Gibson, who really has turquoise potentials (but no place to land them), has understandably found the postmodern world so horrifying, he has retrogressed to amber beliefs (see his treatment of Christ).  But he is so sick of what amounts to the pre/post fallacy (where postmodern critics are in love with anything that is premodern indigenous), that he shows that premodern condition pretty much exactly as it was really like, forcing the audience to appreciate the true positives that modernity brought.  The audience comes away feeling that no matter how bad the Western Enlightenment supposedly was, it's a helluva lot better than that.  And in that one aspect, the movie is brilliant.  But then Mel has nowhere to go, does he?  You get the feeling that if he had an AQAL context, this would all make sense for him, plus allowing his own turquoise potentials to flourish, instead of drifting to another type of amber (Jesus fundamentalism of a sorts) in order to find somewhere to rest.  Well, you get the point.  Your review can cover things that are Integral or not Integral, as long as your own view and your own context is Integral....

Those are just a few items that the editors came up with.  But anything out there will really do fine.  And don't worry if one piece on a topic has already been posted (such as a particular book review); we'll post two or more pieces on the same issue if they're both really good.

So what's out there that needs desperately to be AQALized?  Yes, I know, the entire blooming world.  But tell me what you think desperately needs it the most, and then show me how you'd fix it.  But also, you can take something that is truly Integral and explain why you think so.  It doesn't have to be just negative or constructive criticism; it can be a very positive appreciation (as long as it's truly Integral.)  And, like with Apocalypto, it can cover non-Integral material, as long as it does so from an Integral perspective.

Now I don't want to get your hopes up, but exceptionally good pieces might make it into an Integral Book anthology.  The only way we're really going to be able to make a difference in the world is to first understand the world adequately; diagnose it correctly; then "prognose" it correctly (i.e., give it a prognosis or pro-gnosis); and then practice it wholly and fully (or in an AQAL embrace).  You've had this happen to you as many times as I have: you're reading a book, looking at various advertisements, watching a movie, listening to politicians, attending a particular class, or listening to your friends tell you the way the world should be; and you think all of that would be instantly clarified if they only had an Integral (or AQAL) context.  Well, give it to them--and I'll give you the platform.

Stay tuned to this site for more ways that all of you Integral rockers out there--whether geeks or geezers or anything in between--can start coming together and really make a statement to a world that is sinking in a green swamp, drowning in an orange ocean, dehydrating in an amber desert, or wrestling with a red chaos.  If you're Integral, you know you can make a better statement, don't you?  Well, let's hear it....

You might remember that Karl Marx made a famous utterance that had an enormous impact.  He said that the philosophers merely attempt to understand the world, whereas the real need is to change it.  But I've got news for Karl: today, everybody says they are changing the world (and nothing actually changes), because now the real need is to understand it first.  Marx criticized the fragmentation that came from a theoria divorced from praxis. Today, we have gone so far in that direction that we have exactly the opposite nightmare: a completely fragmented world with all praxis divorced from theoria (all "changing" divorced from all understanding), which is, if anything, worse, but in any event is definitely not good. So let's find a theoria and praxis united, which is exactly what Integral does.

Understanding means to contextualize, and one of the best, and certainly the most the comprehensive, ways to contextualize the world is AQAL--all quadrants, all levels, all lines, all states, all types.  If you want to really change the world, you must first understand it adequately, or all you will do is reproduce in larger numbers your own ignorance, or, at best, you produce merely translative change, not transformative change.  (In Integral Theory, translation is movement on the same level, transformation is movement to a higher, deeper, wider different level.)  You will have huge success on your present altitude or level of consciousness, but do nothing to help move to a higher, wider, deeper world.

Like I said, you know you can make a better statement than those you hear daily, don't you?  Please do so, and you'll see it here, as will the rest of the world.....

Ken Wilber   


(Note from the editors: Naturally, by submitting your piece, you give us permission to post it on this site.  If you'd like us to use a photo of yourself, please go ahead and submit one, otherwise we will use various "Guest Blog" icons.)


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