Integral Institute Announces the Selection of Robb Smith as Its CEO
April 30, 2007 02:01

I am delighted to report that the Board of Directors of Integral Institute has officially selected Robb Smith as its Chief Executive Officer, and Robb has accepted.

Robb Smith's background is fitting for this type of business selection and Integral leadership.  As a professional venture capitalist, he has chosen businesses in which to invest for right livelihood.  Robb pioneered Nevada's private equity industry as the founder and Managing Partner of Nevada Ventures, Nevada's first venture capital fund.  He has participated on many boards of directors and has built or helped to build many management teams in different industries ranging from software to healthcare.  He has been involved in establishing academic research programs: he spearheaded the formation of the Nevada Ventures Nanoscience Program at the University of Nevada, the first university-level nanotechnology research program in the state of Nevada.  He was chosen as the Nevada Young Entrepreneur of the Year, and was co-founder and past President of the Reno-Tahoe chapter of Entrepreneur's Organization.  He is a Trustee of the Nevada Museum of Art.  He was also pursuing his master's degree in philosophy when he accepted the position of Integral Institute's CEO.   

It is my view that Robb has a great combination of skills for this unique position of forging a new type of Integral leadership: he combines a deep entrepreneurial drive with exceptional expertise in finance, management, and strategy.  He has a rigorous Integral Life Practice and a commitment to integral philosophy.  He has a track record of thinking (and acting!) broadly about socio-cultural issues and the ways in which the free market can fund better and more innovative solutions to help broad classes of people.  He really is a great generalist that has proven himself in all four quadrants and at multiple altitudes.  All of this at age 31.

So I-I hired him, and it soon became apparent that this was an AQAL fit in all significant ways.  For the past 4 months or so, he has been making perhaps 95% of the decisions on how to reorganize Integral Institute, including a major move to include--and integrate--both for-profit and non-profit wings.  Robb has succeeded superbly in the early phases of reorganization.  He is truly an impressive and extraordinary talent.  And the staff all agree, which is wonderful and deeply important to me personally.  The first thing Robb did was institute a Member Delight and Staff Delight program, which is working beautifully.  Because I trust him fully, I can step back almost completely, which I love, and which has always been the hope.  My leadership still consists in providing a type of AQAL space in consciousness, an explicit sanction and blessing, and a stepping back and letting go--but this time, in partnership with Robb. 

The reason the official selection of a CEO has always been important in my own mind is that it would be the core of completing what I call phase 2.0, and the beginning of phase 3.0, with phase 3.0 marked by an Integral Portal (or the completion of the Multiplex in a much more sophisticated articulation).  Robb himself already came with the idea of an Integral Portal, but with much more of the actual business details than I could ever deliver.  And Robb is already attracting high level talent to the Integral organization.  He recently recruited these four professionals to the team:

Liz Davis, Vice President of Human Resources: Liz has extensive experience as a Senior Vice President of Human Resources in multiple organizations including The Gores Group, Verifone, Artemis and The Flying Tigers.  Liz is a delight to work with and is helping us with the extensive organizational planning and team building we're managing.

Joel Jewitt, interim Vice President of Business Development: Joel is a magic maker in business partnerships and will be responsible for II's partner and developer strategy and channel distribution.  He was a co-founder of Palm Computing, founder of Adaptive Media, Executive VP of Encompass (acquired by Yahoo!), and co-founder and VP Business Development for Good Technology (acquired by Motorola for $500 million).

David Riordan, Vice President of Internet Media: David will be responsible for translating Integral's broad platform into a compelling and accessible global invitation.  He was Creative Director of Disney Interactive, creating, and was Vice President of Production of Time Warner Interactive.  He is also an award-winning music producer, game designer, and interactive website, video, and television producer.

Kees Steeneken, Chief Technology Officer:  Kees has more than 20 years experience in technology senior management and consulting for Fortune 500 and mid-market firms.  Since 2001 Kees has been the Principal/Founder of Jankees & Associates providing IT consulting services to digital media entertainment companies among others.  

We are also in the process of creating our Board of Directors.  Individuals that I have asked to join us so far, and who have agreed, include Michael Crichton, Tony Robbins, Larry Wachowski, and (unofficially right now) John Mackey.  Please stay tuned to this site for further info, as I-I begins phase 3.0 of its existence. 

And so, I'm glad to announce that we have selected Robb Smith as I-I's CEO.  I hope you will join me in celebrating the addition of a deeply visionary and amazing soul to our Integral cause, and a profoundly Integral leader.

All best, Ken



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