Integral Leadership Review Interviews Robb Smith
June 07, 2007 12:30

In a fascinating interview published just today, Keith Bellamy from Integral Leadership Review (an online publication of integrally informed approaches to leadership) speaks with Robb Smith, the newly appointed CEO of Integral Institute. They discuss Robb's own perspective of what it takes to be an integral leader, as well as some of the unique challenges and opportunities that come with trying to bring a company like I-I to a new level of organizational development. This is, needless to say, quite a daunting task—one which Robb takes on with both great humility and great acuity, as well as an undeniable devotion to helping further sharpen a very real spearhead of conscious evolution in today's world.

To listen to the full hour-plus interview, click here.

To read the ILR article, click here.



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