Guest Blog: Imperfect Perfection - An Experiment in Semantics (Jordan Quaglia)
June 14, 2007 13:05

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Imperfect Perfection: A Experiment in Semantics

In a vague clarity, it all makes sense. Articulation bound by grammar suffocates the Witness, and so I speak in tongues unspoken. Heard. The periodic table of elemental bliss:

"Form is emptiness, emptiness is form," and so this simple complexity is translated: "Imperfect is perfect, perfect is imperfect."

Life is art. Colorful, fluid, flowing Godhead. Pure consciousness bleeding through the page. I watch myself, a tiny bird, dive and twist in purposed passivity. Flight is lucid elevation, but worms are even more delicious.

An integral dance of body-mind-body. Wave upon pulsating wave of mathematical beauty. And I am, at my deepest, the raindrop which non-inherently caused the cause of this ripple. The surface of which where we learn to let go and ride outwardly in.

I think I see the light. This just in: "Causal closure of the physical confessed out loud today that it can't find its cause. But not to worry, she's fairly certain it's somewhere in her purse."

And in other news, Reductionists (capitalization upon request) still haven't figured out that matter doesn't matter. (Painted shadows).

Shape-shifters sliiiiide undetected. Purple mountains turn blue. And someplace nowhere in between, non-spatials evade spatial conceptualization one last time.

Levels. Lines. Levels. Lines. Poke-a-dotted speckled spirals score an F5 on the Fujita scale. "How dynamic!" they all say as they videotape the twister barreling towards them.

Flower-petal rain. This is consciousness. This is tasty. This is wakefulness awakening. This is dream-dreamt drops of candied color reigning down from up below.

This is, like all that is-like you, like me, like pain, like sea-imperfect perfection.


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