We’re Looking for Volunteers at Ken Wilber Associates!
July 09, 2007 06:00

We’re Looking for Volunteers at Ken Wilber Associates!

Would you like to be part of an intimate group of students working directly with Ken Wilber? This extremely rare opportunity is now being made available for a limited time.

We will be setting up these volunteer groups in a specific order, starting with those who are in the local Denver/Boulder area. (For those of you who are not local, stay tuned for ways that you can get involved.)

The specific volunteer group right now will be a group that will work directly with Ken and other associates at least once a month, and in some cases, once a week. This is not only a volunteer group, but a training group for possible integral job opportunities.

We categorically do not want to get anybody's hopes up. Given that Integral is a new field, job opportunities are often rare. Nonetheless, this is one of the routes in which this kind of thing might happen.

In any event, the weekly and monthly meetings are a chance to work directly with Ken in specifically scholarly and academic areas. At this time, this is not a larger Integral Life Practice group (other than the fact that whatever you do is an ILP, and that is how participation in these groups is viewed)—but is focused on an intellectual understanding of, and application of, the Integral (AQAL) model.

We are particularly looking for people with an exquisite understanding of AQAL, and also those who have writing and editing capacities. These groups will be working with Ken to create Integral products (books, articles, video, auxiliary ILP kits, etc.). These are the application of AQAL to all 20+ disciplines found in the Centers of Discourse at IU (now called Integral Education Network).

If you were thinking of moving to the Denver/Boulder area in order to be closer to Source Integral, now might be the time to do so. HOWEVER, be very sure that you have other reasons to move to this area as well--and a job wouldn't hurt. Even if you make it into one of the groups, there will be no pay in most cases. Moreover, it's not even certain that you can get into one of the groups. With those caveats firmly in mind, read on if you are interested.

As we were saying, one step at a time. The first step is as follows:

The first volunteer we are looking for is a volunteer to manage the volunteers. Of all the jobs you will not get paid for, this will be one of the least satisfying. Just so we understand each other.

If you think you qualify--either you have some HR training, or you at least know what "HR" means, or you think you are just good with people--please email three things to:

1. A relatively short statement (up to one-page long) describing why you would like to be part of the Integral Revolution in general, and why you want to be at Source Integral in particular. ("Source Integral" is, of course, the source of AQAL as it continues to unfold in Ken Wilber and Associates--with "Associates" being you if you are in any of these groups).

2. Any kind of resume or CV that you think we would want to see. What to put in this is entirely up to you.

3. A photo or two.

Again, right now this is for local people, and for individuals who think they can help us manage other volunteers. In a future blog we will send out some information about these local groups, and how you might be able to get involved with them. (Later, we will also send out information for how you might get involved if you are not in the local area.)

As Ken mentioned in one of his recent blogs, he has written a 40-page account of the history of Integral Institute, which he will be posting here shortly, and which explains the various historical phases in I-I's ongoing growth and development. We are now approaching a new and exciting phase of growth, and that is what some of these volunteer groups are all about. So please stay tuned here for more information on this exhilarating phase....

One other thing. There are a very large number of people who would like to participate more directly with what we are doing. Ken, and all of us here, truly wish that every single one of you could be part of this extended family in a concrete and real sense. But our actual Human Resources here are limited (that's what "HR" means, by the way). So please work with us in transforming any frustration or irritation that you might feel with us. With a little bit of goodwill and some conscious care, we can extend this family at least a few members, and hopefully many more. In any event, we join all of you in subtle and causal bodies, if not necessarily gross bodies. We look forward to hearing from you, and hopefully meeting many of you.

Love and Light,
The Editors

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