Second Life Integral
July 26, 2007 14:07

Not your average Integral Costume Party!

Integral meetups and salons may have become fairly commonplace, but not where participants routinely appear sporting wings, propeller beanies, and green skin. Only in Second Life, a 3-D virtual world built entirely by its participants.

The Second Life Integral Community held its first day-long gathering on June 30, enabling it to test multimedia features for presenting slides, streaming audio and video in-world, while participants talk in real-time using text-based chat. The group also holds weekly in-world conversations at the Second Living Integral home at AMO.

Topics for Saturday's trial run included an AQAL basics overview based on a Powerpoint presentation; Integral Naked audio podcasts featuring Ken Wilber and Terry Patten; IN video clips available via YouTube (the popular KW brainwaves clip, Fred Koffman's "Being-Consciousness-Bliss"); and a live presentation/group discussion on integral politics led by one of the group's participants. An integral dance party planned for Saturday evening was regrettably the victim of technical glitches. Participants during the day came from all over the US and Europe.

The Second Life Integral group formed last fall, and located a few months ago to AMO, a new Second Life island created by Evonne Heyning and Amoration, a 501(c)3 project of the International Humanities Center. Amoration is a new media nonprofit organization dedicated to creating a culture of conscious compassion, and is based in Los Angeles.

"Second Life can be a remarkably powerful and engaging way to connect with like-minded others, well beyond the geographic limitations of more typical meetings, and in a qualitatively different way than asynchronous discussion forums and mail-groups," commented Leslie Ehle, known in Second Life as Tara Yeats. "The human element comes through much more clearly in a virtual world, where we're interacting in real-time -- it's more like talking over coffee with a group of friends than writing the next great integral dissertation in a forum posting and hoping someone will comment. I know for me personally, live chat just works better because it's spontaneous--including the often-entertaining typos. And having an "avatar" - your own visual representation in-world - adds a rich visual element to the communication process."

"If you're geographically isolated--and I suspect a good many people who are exploring integral perspectives are--jumping into an online community such as the one in Second Life can be incredibly supportive, as well as a good deal of creative fun."

The group plans to continue having day-long events in Second Life on the last Saturday of each month, along with the Monday conversations.

Second Life integral discussions at Integral Naked can be found in the "Second Life: the next incarnation of the WWW?" thread.

More info about the Second Life integral community: email Tara Yeats.

Group discussion in the Second Life Integral conversation area during the June 30 Second Life Integral event, while watching streaming video of Fred Koffman.



Second Life participant Wish Lusch making a presentation on integral politics during the June 30 Second Life integral event.



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