Integral in Ethiopia
May 16, 2006 19:31

Here is an email Ken recently received from his friend Gail Hochachka in Ethiopia:

Dear Ken,

Just a quick note to share with you some of the ways that Integral is hitting the ground in Ethiopia!

The other day, I was in the Rift Valley with my colleague and friend Negash Shiferaw who is working in community development with the Oromo indigenous people (southern Ethiopia). Negash worked with the UNDP in their Leadership Development Program here in Ethiopia, and has also read my book. He is now applying a methodology called "community conversations", that was adapted by UNDP and includes the quadrants as a tool for analyzing and responding to issues. I joined their process for the day, sitting on the ground amongst about forty Oromo, with an acacia tree over our heads, listening to them discuss how these issues play out in each quadrant, and what their subsequent actions should be! It was moving, to say the least.

Please see attached three photos. In the last photo, the facilitator is holding up the flip-chart paper with some of the ideas generated in their discussion (it is written in the local dialect, called Orominia). He was excited by how the quadrants help him understand issues, especially to know more clearly where people are coming from. Very cool.

My own integral research is going well. In this case study, I have identified two grassroots organizations that are using a "folk integral" approach to addressing HIV/AIDS. There is a lot that a full Integral theory could help with, and I hope that they can attend our Integral International Development meeting in France in October.

There are many more details to all this, both from here in Ethiopia and also Nigeria, which we can hopefully discuss at some point. For now, I hope this gives a little taste of all the ways that Integral is serving the world!

Thank you once again for your illumined work, that is moving out in all directions, touching so many, in very profound ways....



AQAL in Africa!!!

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