Live plays Denver, Ed Kowalczyk visits the Loft.
May 21, 2006 15:11

Winding down a three-week US Tour to promote their new album, Songs from Black Mountain, Live stopped by Denver to play what turned out to be a truly stunning show at the Paramount theatre Friday night. After sound check, frontman, Ed Kowalczyk,, swung by the loft to say hi to Ken. Having been close friends for many years, Ken lit up when Ed walked in and after a quick round of hellos Ken and Ed descended on the living room to catch up on each other's lives. The visit was short but, as always, well worth the chance to catch up with cool cats like Ed without having to battle through fans at post-show meet and greets. After playing a few videos from the European dual-disc release of the new album and telling us about his upcoming appearance on American Idol, Ed took off to the theatre.

As I said, the show was incredible. It is unbelievable how these guys can still hold an audience captivated at so many levels after 15 years of performing. They played a double-encore set that lasted for two solid hours. Mixing old hits like Dolphins Cry, I Alone, and Lightning Crashes, with cuts from Black Mountain like The River, Sofia and Wings, Ed whipped up a powerhouse of a show. The passion and energy continued to swell until the final notes were sung not by Ed but by the audience of two thousand following along to the song Dance with You. Who else could get that many people singing "We all want to dance with you" at the end of a song written about Adi Da. Now, if only he could get the 45 million Americans watching American Idol this week to do the same.

Oh yeah, one more thing, great thanks go out to Ed for his shout out to the Integral Institute and Ken Wilber. During the middle of a song, Ed paused, music still playing, to say thanks to his close friend Ken, and to Integral Institute for all the world-changing work that they are doing. Now, if only he could do that on American Idol as well!



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