Ken Wilber's House For Sale!
October 16, 2008 00:00

Ken Wilber is selling his Boulder, CO home after living there for over ten years (he now lives in Denver).  In this house, Ken wrote Sex, Ecology, Spirituality, A Brief History of Everything, The Eye of Spirit, The Marriage of Sense and Soul, One Taste, Integral Psychology, A Theory of Everything, Boomeritis, and edited The Collected Works volumes 1-8.  It was also here that Integral Institute was born, with over 450 of the world’s most gifted individuals gathering in this remarkable space to create an institution capable of bringing the Integral Approach into the world.

Perched atop the ridgeline of the Boulder Foothills, one has a perfect 360-degree view of Boulder, Denver, plains stretching to the horizon, incredible mountain terrain, and the brilliant blue sky.  In addition to its distinguished history and astonishing views, the house itself is an architectural tour de force.  Spanning four stories as it makes its way up to the pinnacle of the ridge, this 3680 sq. ft. home has been called “the most incredible house I’ve ever seen” by everyone from the mailman to Hollywood stars to leading spiritual teachers.   
This is, quite literally, a chance to own a part of history.  This house gave birth to the mature work of Ken Wilber, and the unprecedented Integral Vision therein.  We invite you to take a look around… we think you’ll like what you see.
Ken Wilber’s Boulder House
(Pictures, virtual tours, and detailed information)



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