Spiritual Transmission via the Phone?
May 18, 2006 15:56

Ken rountinely makes two teleconference appearances at 5-day seminars held outside of the Denver area. During the second call at last weeks Integral Life Practice seminar in Phoenicia, NY, Ken ended the session with a set of beautiful pointing out instructions followed by 20 minutes of meditative silence.

ILP faclitator, Terry Patten, describes the experinece: "And then, as you were speaking, and even more powerfully in the silence that followed, a profound transmission descended upon the room. Truly remarkable, really, especially something invoked via a telephone connection. Everyone could feel it. Our twenty minutes of meditation with you proved to be one of the high points of the week for many of the participants, probably their most intimate experience of spiritual transmission."

As someone who has been every seminar appearance that Ken has made, I couldn't say it better myself. They are truly amazing experinces puncutated by the grace and beauty that only Ken can evoke. If you haven't experinced one for yourself, I encourage you to check out our seminar offerings at the new Integral Training site.



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