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May 23, 2006 19:02

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Just got back from watching The Celestine Prophecy Movie. I was literally alone in the movie theater. Thank goodness I had a bucket of popcorn that kept me company. I'm guessing the other moviegoers were out there watching The Da Vinci Code. Oh well...

First let me get the negative reviews out of the way. I will be blunt in saying that The Celestine Prophecy is a B-movie. The acting, the cinematography, the screenplay, the musical score, the special effects, etc. felt like a B-movie. They could've done better. But I will not focus on the negative here. For a more negative yet accurate review, check out this link.

Having said that, I will now focus on the positive aspects of the story of The Celestine Prophecy. I read the book about twelve years ago. I agree that the writing is not at par with those great novels or whatnot, but during that time, it was enough to open me up real good. The ideas contained in the book are still deeply ingrained in me. It inspired me to think beyond my own little world and dream of other possibilities.

I'm not ashamed to admit that I resonate with ideas of the Celestine Vision. Some people may say that the book/movie is treading on pre-trans fallacy territory, but I say it's only pre-trans fallacy if you interpret it that way. For me, I look at the Ten Insights not as cheesy New Age mumbo-jumbo, but as levels of consciousness development, not unlike the Herding Ox allegory of Zen. Although I have no personal experience of seeing auras, energies, halos, or whatever, I believe that there are people who can perceive this way. But here's the thing, though it would be groovy to perceive glowing stuff, we don't have to. We can still appreciate and apply the message of the Ten Insights by seeing the beauty and the "synchronicity" happening all around this gross realm.

Allow me to use myself as example. Like I said, I don't see auras and stuff like those, but I ride with synchronicity -- I prefer to call it serendipity though. I think I've developed an intuition to recognize and flow with serendipitous events. It's true with my blogging and it's true offline. Serendipitous things flow to those who flow with it, is one my mantras. The more I surrender to uncertainty, the more I flow with serendipity. It's also a big help that I take the Serenity Prayer seriously.

Looking back to my younger years, I now realize that it's no coincidence that I read The Celestine Prophecy alone in my room, then encountered Buddhism, then flew to an island to get initiation, then attended the Inner Mind Seminar, then moved to the U.S., then read books by Ken Wilber, then started blogging, then moved to Boulder, then moved to Seattle, then found a dream job at Zaadz, then come full circle watching The Celestine Prophecy alone in a movie theater.

So what's next for me? I wonder. Whatever the Kosmos will manifest, is my intuitive answer.

Going back to the film, I still maintain my opinion that The Celestine Prophecy could've been better. IMIO (In My Ignorant Opinion), James Redfield could've marketed the film to major Hollywood outfits. A-list actors could've starred in the film, and JJ Abrams could've directed it and gave it an action-packed twist like that of Mission: Impossible 3. But apparently, it wasn't meant to be. If there's one thing I learned about the wisdom of serendipity, it's that: the timing is always right. So maybe even though Celestine Prophecy is not a big hit, its timing is just right. I don't think it's a coincidence that The Da Vinci Code is playing in theaters at the same time. Those two films are out there being shown to the masses at the same time for a reason.

I guess it's up to our own beliefs to interpret what that reason is. As for me, I think those films are out there to raise the level of consciousness of people from mythic-membership to mental-egoic, so that more people will become open, and be able to flow with serendipitous things.

~C (for Celestine Vision)

~The Celestine Prophecy Movie

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