Gary Hart and Sally Ranney visit Ken
May 24, 2006 21:18

Gary Hart, a former Senator and Presidential candidate, and Sally Ranney, an old friend and long-time conservationist, dropped by the loft this afternoon. They wanted to discuss Integral Sustainability with Ken; Mr. Hart is looking for a way to completely reconceptualize environmentalism/ecology, and he said the Integral (AQAL) approach is what interested him most. Ms. Ranney has been using AQAL for some time, and it was she who introduced Mr. Hart to the Integral Approach. After talking for several hours about AQAL, Spiral Dynamics, and the political inclinations of Bill Clinton and Al Gore, Ken invited Mr. Hart to teach at Integral University. Mr. Hart replied that he would be delighted to-"except I'm here to learn, not teach"-which was a very touching thing to say. Ken responded with hopes that Mr. Hart does indeed teach, as he is "an extraordinary human being of enormous intelligence and great depth."

Earlier in the afternoon Ken spent two hours on the phone recording a dialogue with Carolyn Myss, which he later commented went "really, really well."

Stay tuned for more from the Loft!


Gary Hart, Sally Ranney, and Ken

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