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May 28, 2006 20:06

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snow flurries prancing on the other side of my window,
just there, floating, going where the wind is blowing...

Funny how life changes in hyperspeed. Just when I was getting comfortable, I'm moving again for the nth time. So here I am spending my Memorial holiday weekend packing my stuff. I'm proud to say that I'm an excellent packer. Packing balikbayan boxes is an artform I've mastered over the years of flying to and from the Philippines. Most Filipinos would tell you that if not for the weight limit on airlines, we can even pack a car inside a balikbayan box with enough space for those balut.

As far as packing my stuff goes, I always start with my books. Seeing those books, handling them, dusting them, and putting them one by one inside a box make me feel nostalgic everytime. It feels like a trip down memory lane, up and down the levels of consciousness that this bodymind continues to traverse. Ahh, this book kicked off my journey. This book explained a lot of things to me. This book opened me up. Did I really read this stupid book? And this book is just so creepy.

After packing my heavy and geeky books I move on to my magazines, CDs, and DVDs. Then I continue packing my documents, computer stuff, and back up files. Then I pack my clothes and finish off with the kitchen and bathroom stuff. I only have few possessions -- no major appliances, not even a TV. I'd like to be as mobile as possible since I never had a "permanent" address in the last few years. To lighten my load I donate all clothes I don't use anymore and sell the old books I have no interest in reading. I like to travel light and as much as possible. I try to live with the 1-800-JUNK philosophy.

There. I'm almost done. Just a couple of more boxes to go. A new life to explore, more places to see. This makes me feel like a Gypsy MC.

no direction, in all direction, just there, floating, prancing,
going where the wind is blowing...

~C (for Coming home to ~myDakini)


packing heavy and fluffy books

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