Neale Donald Walsch on Integral Naked - Making Space for Emergence
January 21, 2008 13:38

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Conversations Between Two Faces of God.  Part 1.  Making Space for Emergence.

Neale Donald Walsch, writer of the Conversations With God series, discusses the need help create "safe spaces" for each other—not only to support those already on the path toward their fullest potential, but so people who may still be "in the closet" in regard to their spirituality can recognize the fact that their higher intuitions are real, that growth is possible, and that conversations with God are anything but uncommon....

WhoNeale Donald Walsch is a modern day spiritual messenger who's nine Conversations With God books and sixteen additional books on a contemporary understanding of God have touched millions of lives around the globe.  He is also the founder of Humanity's Team, a spiritual movement dedicated to "a civil rights movement for the soul."

Summary:  This is a dialogue of inspiration and awakening.  This is an exploration of what it means to awaken to one's True Nature, and how one expresses that understanding—because it is the action following enlightened realization that has an impact in this world that we share, and those actions can be more or less wise, compassionate, and impactful depending upon circumstances in all the dimensions of an Integral understanding of reality.

Having travelled the globe sharing "the good news" (to borrow from another tradition), Neale reports that nearly everyone he meets, from Norway to South Korea and beyond, is suffering some form of anxiety regarding their ability to enact their vision of life at it should be, in every realm of humanity—social, political, cultural, educational, you name it.  Neale explains how it feels like there is an enormous population of people ready to make real change in the world, but they are all in the closet, alone, and in that isolation they feel powerless.  For Neale, his life right now is about helping create a safe and encouraging space for people to leave their closets, and enter the common room of shared purpose, intention, and consciousness.  "Oh, I'm not the only one who feels this way?  I'm not crazy?  I'm actually a part of a very large part of the world population?  All right, let's start this party and get things moving!!!"

As Ken relates, this phenomenon is powerfully present at Integral Seminars.  When participants are asked about what they liked most about their experience, the top two response are:  1.  I loved the teachers;  2.  I really loved spending five days with fifty people with whom I could share my entire being, and leave my closet far behind.  As Neale and Ken agree, the power of creating and maintaining a safe "we-space" for those reaching intuitively towards humanity's highest possibility cannot be underestimated.  The revelations of the Western Enlightenment unfolded in the safe spaces of select universities and coffee shops—who knows what the safe spaces for the leading edge of consciousness of today may yield.

What an Integral Approach reveals is that there are two fundamental dimensions of what one's "highest possibility" actually is.  As Ken explains, by looking at the cross-cultural knowledge of what it means for consciousness to expand and grow, there are both states and structures of consciousness—the former being freely available to everybody (e.g. spiritual states, emotional states, altered states, etc.) and the latter being earned through the process of vertical growth (e.g. through magic, mythic, rational, postmodern, and integral stages of development)—and both showing the capacity, and natural urge towards, increasing depth and complexity.

"Some person once wrote me and said 'you know, there's a lie on the cover of your book. Your book is called Conversations With God: An Uncommon Dialogue—Mr. Walsch, with respect, there's nothing uncommon about it....'"

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