The second Integral International Development/Integral without Borders Meeting will be held in Istanbul, Turkey, April 22-26th
January 26, 2008 12:53

The following announcement is from three of my favorite people in the world. Please check it out…. Ken


The second Integral International Development/Integral without Borders Meeting will be held in Istanbul, Turkey, April 22-26th!

As we continue the work we started in Perpignan, France, in October of 2006, we look forward to seeing all those interested in international development work and stepping into this shared practice space together.



International development, as a discipline that enfolds so many other sub-disciplines, is unique in several ways. As many of you know, when one attempts to engage in one aspect of global issues, very quickly it becomes apparent how it is attached to everything else! Examples abound: climate change work is not just about systems, but achingly calls for work with worldviews and values; HIV/AIDS is not only a virus but meshed with behaviors, beliefs, systems, and culture; rainforest conservation is not just an ecological matter but also requires alignment with local forest communities’ needs and perspectives. This entanglement of all issues within a single issue makes international development more attuned and attracted to a comprehensive framework like Integral Theory.

Secondly, there are few other fields so inherently prone to its own evolution. The intention behind this work is to profoundly serve humanity and all beings, and as such, practitioners continuously ask themselves, “how can this be carried out more helpfully, effectively, inclusively, fully, and deeply?” This inquiry has transitioned the field from a more traditional, charitable approach (amber) towards a scientifically rigorous, results-based approach (orange) to a participatory, dialogical approach (green). There are truths in all these ways of engaging in development. The question before us is: how can we draw these truths into a larger, deeper framework for practice? How does social change actually occur, and how does it relate to personal and cultural change? How do we transform ourselves as practitioners to meet this complexity before us? Such inquiry questions encourage the field of international development to further develop.

Our meeting provides a gathering place for this continuous refinement, this deepening of the field’s development.

Meta-themes for 2008:

The meta-themes for the 2008 meeting are: The Integral Practitioner and Integral Governance. It is time to walk the theory-talk. Bringing integral into practice for the well-being of the planet is what we are called to enact in our selves, our communities, and the world. This meeting is an invitation to bring your reflections, tools, and insights to serve the community of other practitioners to develop and bring forth their own integral practice more fully. The second theme is born out of the realization of how troubled and turbulent governance is today. Many approaches working toward good governance are well-intended, but seem to struggle to actually stick. The Integral Framework provides a different panorama of what is occurring globally, helpful pointers on the way forward, and ideas on what integral governance might entail today.

This will be an extraordinary gathering, with a large community of practitioners from all over the world to share examples and insights on practice, with two spiritual teachers to facilitate the deepening of our leadership capacity (Diane Hamilton and Rollie Stanich), and with three faculty to share their thoughts, experiences, and reflections on Integral practice in international development (Paul van Schaik, Gail Hochachka, and Emine Kiray).


Participant presentations make up an important part of this meeting. Through sharing in such presentations, not only do others learn from you but you can also learn and receive feedback from the group. If you are interested in presenting, please send us an abstract (250-300 words) with a general brief outline of what your presentation will entail. Submission deadline for this is Feb. 15th.

There are four focus areas embraced under the spacious umbrella of our meta-themes of The Integral Practitioner and Integral Governance, including:

  1. “think” presentations on “what is integral development”
  2. “approach” presentations on “how do we engage in integral development?”
  3. “reflection” presentations on “who am I as I work in this field?”
  4. “thematic” presentations on for example integral approaches to:
  • poverty alleviation,
  • community development,
  • education,
  • leadership and capacity building,
  • environment and sustainability,
  • health and sanitation,
  • economic and financial initiatives
  • monitoring and evaluation
  • human well-being and resilience
  • governance
  • religion and spirituality

From these presentation abstracts, we will also be selecting possible papers for the AQAL Journal special edition on international development and global issues.


Please register by Feb. 29th: click here!


The half-off registration fee scholarships are open to anyone to apply. Applicants please write a 1-2-page overview of what your work is, how you apply Integral theory in this work, and what you feel you would get out of the Istanbul meeting.

Submission deadline for scholarship applications is Feb. 9th, 2008. We will award these scholarships by Feb. 15th.

The full scholarships will be awarded to practitioners from the Global South who work in developing countries with non-profit organizations. Email Gail directly. (

Get involved

We welcome dialogue with you about this meeting and/or the field of Integral International Development. If you have ideas, creative thoughts, insights, or advice, please do get in touch. This meeting is designed and offered for you, and this community exists to support and challenge you in this field of integral practice. We invite you to claim these as your own.

With warm regards,

Gail, Paul, and Emine.


Gail Hochachka:

Paul van Schaik:

Emine Kiray:




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