Guest Blog: Integral Spirituality Workshop (by Terrence Bishop)
July 17, 2008 17:59

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Integral Spirituality Workshop
By Terrence Bishop


Spirituality is the domain of human endeavour that is concerned with ultimate reality. It seeks to provide practical answers to the very deepest questions of
life… Who am I? Where did I come from? Where am I going? How should I live?

There is, of course, no one-right-answer to any of these questions, although you or I might find answers that are right for us. Every wave that breaks on the shore of our consciousness may bring forth a meaning unique to each of us, but what we can all share in common is a broad conception of the ocean.

And yet, each day, we find ourselves buffeted by the waves of everyday life. We find answers or strategies that seem to work for a while. As we evolve however and move into the deeper, higher dimensions of ourselves, some of the certainties of the past seem to crumble and we find ourselves over and over facing these same questions.

Ken Wilber’s integral model seeks to map human potentials. Based on the work of thousands of researchers over thousands of years of enquiry into the human condition, it offers broad outlines of what is possible in this adventure called Life. When applied to spirituality, the integral map offers some tantalising insights into a wide range of spiritual endeavours.

The Worldview Integral Spirituality workshop was designed to reveal the broad contours of this map of our potentials and to inspire insight into your unique journey up the mountain of Spirit towards the peak of wholeness. Importantly, it also seeks to reveal the way that the modern western approach to spirituality has been influenced in recent years by the amazing rate of change not only in living conditions (courtesy of technology) but also in the way that we see and relate to the world around us. Integral Spirituality offers insight into how we might view these changes in a way that redefines modern spirituality and brings greater balance back into our own spiritual practices.

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