Sean Esbjorn-Hargens' response to Frank Visser
August 09, 2008 13:21

We recently received this email from Sean Esbjorn-Hargens, and thought we would pass it on to you all:

Hey Ken,

Visser recently posted some negative comments about the conference at JFKU. Mark and I felt the need to respond forcefully and not only challenge his characterization of Integral Theory and academics but also to contextualize his website. I've attached our article here if you are interested in reading it. Mark and I take an overtly "academic" position on the issues in large part because Visser seems to think he and his website are the only place where integral debate occurs. But as both of us know it is anything but that. 

Hope all is well. Much love,


The Academic Emergence of Integral Theory (right-click to download full pdf)




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