Why I Could Strangle Tony Robbins
June 10, 2006 18:28

Tony and Sage are in their place in Fiji, and they keep sending these really mean and threatening emails. The latest one starts, “We were inviting you to Fiji—probably a futile effort knowing all that you got going! :- ( —but we wanted to offer the chance to escape to paradise with some dear friends who love you and could pamper you and have stimulating discussions on all kinds of topics, including considering some ways we could integrate and touch each other’s students.” To make it worse, they send photos. Really disgusting photos. See below.

Jokes aside, there is honestly nothing I would rather do than head out there for several weeks. Those dear souls even have a room for me to write (it’s one of the disgusting photos among the other disgusting photos). I have really come to love Tony and Sage in a very deep fashion. Tony is so much more astonishingly loving and more deeply spiritual than his public persona. He’s also one of those rare souls who carried on his education in public, moving from orange fire walking into green depth work and then into truly second- and third-tier realizations. But many people still have a picture of him as kind of orange on steroids, and while there’s no doubt that he might be the most effective person on the planet, there’s an extraordinary depth to him that is wonderful. He and Sage complement each other exquisitely. There is, as I said, nothing I’d rather do than head out there.

But things are so hectic here right now. I’m not supposed to say this, because everybody at I-I threatened me with death if I ever even mentioned a date that we’re supposed to launch something on the web. Apparently you’re not supposed to mention proposed launch dates because it gets expectations up and then when it doesn’t happen, everybody gets really annoyed and blogs about how rotten I-I is. So under no circumstances will I mention the fact that the date we are using ourselves internally to describe the launch of the multiplex is June 21st. That means we will be offering membership in Integral Institute for the first time ever in its history; plus membership in Integral Spiritual Center; sneak previews at Integral University (we already have two fully accredited graduate degree programs, a third on its way, and other surprises); and the membership kit that is about the coolest thing ever. I know I can count on anybody who reads this to absolutely not mention this, because I’m serious, I could get in real trouble. If they find out, I might end up having to flee to Fiji, and you wouldn’t want that nightmare to hit me, would you? Can you really live with the guilt?

Tony and Sage, I love you guys more than I can ever communicate adequately—and I’m warning you, I’m going to end up in that writing room very soon!



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