Jun Po Roshi at Boulder Integral
January 10, 2009 21:47

(Note: Stay tuned to in the coming weeks for an exclusive dialogue between Ken Wilber and Jun Po Roshi.... -Corey)



From Boulder Integral:

Mondo Zen: Revealing the True Nature of Mind through Integral Zen Dialogue

 January 16 - 18, we have a Mondo Zen weekend workshop with Jun Po Roshi. Every so occasionally, we all need to get our lazy butts kicked by a hardcore Zen session. Please read more below and join this event to work closely with an amazing teacher. On 1/16, there will be an Open-to-all intro event. But for the main dish, we highly encourage engaging the full weekend. There is no pre-registration, but RSVP is REQUIRED to ensure your seat. Please send your RSVP by noon, 1/14 to


Friday, January 16, 2009, 6:30pm (Open to all)
$15 ($10 for members)

Saturday, January 17 - Sunday, January 18 (Weekend workshop)
$189 ($149 for members)
Registration at the gate: Check or cash only please

Boulder Integral
2819 Broadway St.
Boulder, CO 80304

Rinzai Zen is known for its rigorous practice in attaining penetrating insights into our own True Nature. Even for those who live in monasteries, it can take years to integrate these insights. Come experience a taste of the True Nature of Mind in a single evening! Enter into a group Zen dialogue with Jun Po Roshi and experience Ego Deconstruction which opens you to more creative and fearless perspectives. Taste what Ken Wilber in Integral Spirituality calls Turiya - the Freedom of Radical Emptiness. Learn how “your angst is your liberation” - and embody in your life what Ken calls Turiyatita and Radical Fullness.

The penetrating and enlightening Integral protocols of Mondo Zen will be led by Jun Po Denis Kelly, Roshi, first dharma heir of Eido Shimano Roshi. Jun Po is Abbot of Hollow Bones Zen. He has returned to the roots of Rinzai Zen and revitalized the Koan practice in a way that is truly Integral, unique and graspable for western minds like ours. Spend a fruitful and humorous evening with Jun Po Roshi and experience Mondo Zen. Join us to learn more about Jun Po’s innovative, Integrally Informed and Integrally Embodied approach to Zen that enriches and deepens any spiritual practice. Come - and One Taste!

Mondo Zen is not just American Zen, it is integrally informed and integrally embodied Zen.

Mondo Zen catalyzes high level, Upper Left Quadrant cognitive, emotional and spiritual stages and states of awareness. These high levels are reinforced through Upper Right Quadrant neuro-linguistic training. Because of this Integral UL/UR strategy, your stage development evolves - and your perspectives and perspective-taking evolve from egocentric to Kosmocentric.

Mondo Zen further encourages the embodiment and enactment of UR speech and behaviors - as well as inter-subjective and environmental enactments (LL/LR Quadrants). The ultimate Mondo Zen realization is non-dual awareness (Turiyatita), spontaneously enacted through all aspects of your being.

Mondo Zen transcends and includes all levels. It is not a religion, but a practice for living an integrally Transformative Life. Mondo Zen engages body, mind, shadow and spirit. If your spirituality is Christianity, Mondo Zen will enrich and deepen your love. Whether you’re a Christian or a Hindu, warrior in men’s work, a woman of power creating a new world, a contemplative individual, a social or environmental activist, an executive, or an Integral scholar, Mondo Zen will enhance your awareness, clarity, energy and humor - with more penetrating insight and effectiveness.

Imagine you as this, abiding as this, being in the world as this, evolving and invovlving as this.

This is FREEDOM. This is Mondo Zen.

And for an alternative description with less “integral theoretical jargon,” because we welcome those who are new to Integral Theory!

At long last, we are finally awakening and translating Zen into American culture. Mondo Zen is one of these developments, these awakenings.

Zen is not just living anthropology, just some Japanese cultural concentration practice, robes and Buddha statues. Zen is the awakened state of mind represented by the marriage of compassion (unconditional caring, respect and regard) and wisdom (great fearless clarity) expressed in the ordinary actions of our daily life. Mondo Zen’s Five Element training allows us to realize - and exist continually - in deep clear mind and in heartfelt, fearless psychological stability.

Through concentration/meditation practices and philosophical dialectic dialog conversations, we experience who we truly are spiritually. We experience the freedom of realization of our ordinary deep clear mind. We learn the real nature and function of our emotions. We find our exit strategy from unnecessary suffering - and finally an end to psychotherapy. We clarify and reorganize our understanding of our minds - and through expression of this new understanding in thought and action, we liberate ourselves from many confusions.

Mondo Zen practice begins with a two hour provocative, humorous, dialectic dialog adventure - your investigation into - and sharing of - new, transformational states of mind of exquisite quality. Buddha taught that the first thing we must do to awaken to the truth is change our mind. This dialog practice gives us a change in mind. Then, when you’re tested by the continuous and exciting challenges in the normal events and actions of your daily life, your new heart and mind is spontaneously expressed and enacted - and experienced as being vastly preferable to your old self. Through this training, your center shifts from ego contraction and suffering into spirit openness. Through this training you learn that what you thought was your angst is in fact is your liberation.

Imagine waking up each and every morning, looking out through the eyes of your soul filled with gratitude and excitement for the gift of another day. Imagine feeling deep caring, respect and regard - with the great fearless clarity of a Samurai. Imagine living as the source of infinite creativity - with the Power to enact it.

Imagine being FREE. This is Mondo Zen!

Check out pictures from our other events with JunPo Roshi here.


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