John Dupuy - Integral Recovery (Parts 1 & 2)
June 10, 2009 16:21

Integral Recovery
Part 1: A Comprehensive View of Addiction: Finding Wholeness

With John Dupuy

John Dupuy is a pioneer in the field of Integral Recovery, a new model for the treatment of chemical dependency and alcoholism that explicitly uses Integral theory and the AQAL map (i.e. all quadrants, all levels, all lines, all states, all types) as its foundation.  In this video series, John describes the Integral Recovery process with considerable detail, offering a theoretical explanation of how and why an Integral approach is so essential to the field.  He explains how a comprehensive approach to addiction can dramatically improve success rates and prevent future relapse, and offers a brief summary of the Four Quadrant model as applied to addiction recovery—noting as one of its greatest contributions the simple understanding that people tend to be right in what they affirm, but err in what they neglect.  By accounting for all four dimensions of addiction (upper-right physiological aspects, upper-left psychological aspects, lower-left relational aspects, and lower-right systemic aspects) we can be sure we aren't neglecting anything that might later sabotage our efforts.

We are very pleased to share this video series with you all, as John's work represents a significant leap forward for both addiction recovery in particular, and the health-care industry as a whole.  Guided by currents of wholeness, integrity, and compassion, John is a living example of how crucial Integral consciousness truly is for our world—healing one body, one mind, and one family at a time; and leaving our lives just a little bit brighter than he finds them.


Integral Recovery
Part 2: A Day in the Life at an Integral Recovery Center

Here John walks us through an average day at an Integral Recovery Center, a stunning example of how integral practice can be used in a therapeutic setting, stabilizing and reinforcing the addict's recovery across a wide spectrum of health.  He emphasizes the fact that everyone at the recovery center is an integral practitioner (not just the addicts), and how this practice-based approach is essential to the long-term success of the program.


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