David Deida Drops by the Loft
June 14, 2006 17:40

David Deida ended a two-month teaching tour with a long overdue visit to Ken’s Loft on Thursday. Ken hasn’t seen him since last year, and as for me, it hasn't been since the incredible teaching he gave at an ILP seminar in January of 2005, which is now available on the DVD Function, Flow and Glow.

Our new loft team member was asked to pick David up from Boulder at 4:00pm but not before Colin and I insisted that he talk with David about his most recent attempts at a relationship…and…that he wear his seatbelt as he may be in for a wild ride.

Those of you who have had the chance to see David in action know that he is a powerful, provocative, and forthright teacher whose ability and willingness to engage the depth of students learning is seconded by few. Our new team member's anxiety was visible, but not out place when one considers that Colin just happened to mention to David the date he was going on that evening. Which—and I guess I deserved it for getting him all worked up—meant that I was to give David a ride back at 6:30pm. Fresh out of an almost five year relationship, my anxiety spiked as I envisioned my small self being chewed to pieces and spit out on Route 36 at 70mph. But hey, that’s what development is about and who better to catalyze it than David. Now, all I had to do was not mention the break-up, and I would be fine.

What was supposed to be an hour and a half long visit turned into four as Ken and David caught up on each other’s lives. From what I could hear as they whirled around the loft, they spoke about the Multiplex launch, the Shadow Challenge, Integral Spirituality, Marc Gafni, David’s current writing, and his time in Florida. From a 3rd-person perspective, it is truly amazing to watch two genius alchemists mixing love, light and life in a friendship that transcends space and time. Their love for each other filled the room in a tactile way, which connected us all in the same manner that a thick fog allows you to feel outwards in all directions. Just being present was a gift.

And then I got to take him back to Boulder. Unfortunately, I don’t have any gruesome, ego-annihilating stories to tell. It was only the second day in two months that David hadn’t been teaching, so my less-than-integral relationship arisings remained my own. My break-up did come up in conversation but passed just as quickly as did David’s recounting of his recent workshops and his relating that, unlike Ken, he doesn’t divulge the contents of his several book projects until they are finished.

On the return trip to Denver, I reflected on my inclination to oftentimes looks towards great teachers like David as if they always have something to give me. In considering this, I realized that they are always giving, but that what they give isn’t always what I came looking for, nor is it what I intended upon receiving. And, sometimes what they are trying to give, I just plain can’t see.

As the car whizzed towards Boulder, it seemed to me that David was giving in every moment. I’m not being glib in saying that in so many ways he permeated truth, beauty, and goodness while leaving a voicemail for someone about getting food that evening. He taught the gift of humor when we joked about the complex masculinity of the in-dash computer in Ken’s car. And he offered deep gratitude in the form of a hug--for a simple ride home--instantly connecting me to all his teachings, all his teachers and the Source from which they all teach.




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