Ken Wilber at Boulder Integral, 08.01.09
July 15, 2009 23:41

Ken Wilber at Boulder Integral

Saturday, Aug 1
2pm - 4 pm
Standard $75
Boulder Integral Members $65

At Boulder Integral, we make every effort possible to offer scholarships to those in need. Please send an email to Nomali ( with “Scholarship request: Ken Wilber Event” on subject line. Nomali will contact you as soon as possible. Please support our efforts - Become a monthly donating member or make a one time donation. Thank you!


Here’s your chance to get up close and personal with the leading integral philosopher of our time, Ken Wilber (representing Integral Life). We are deeply honored and excited about Ken selecting Boulder Integral to make his first public appearance for a Q & A in Boulder in over four years! We hope very much that you, your friends and family will join us at this great event.

We’re especially honored to welcome our dear fried Ken to Boulder Integral; many of us here have worked closely with him, and know the warm heart beneath his amazing mind. Ken is a sparkling communicator, and a beautiful vehicle for his breakthrough worldview. Most famous of his work, the AQAL Maps, provides a comprehensive view of the nature of reality by integrating all of human wisdom — eastern and western, ancient and contemporary, scientific and spiritual — into simple, powerful maps. Ken will share some of his latest thinking on spirituality, psychology, and current events, as well as answer questions about his work and life. Don’t miss this very rare chance to see Ken in person. READ MORE HERE.


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