Integral in the World - Free Samples!
August 13, 2009 14:06

Integral Life is your gateway to cutting edge conversations that help you cultivate greater freedom, wholeness, balance and ease in your life. Featuring hundreds of hours of audio and video discussions with today’s greatest thinkers, leaders, artists, and visionaries, Integral Life offers a much more comprehensive, cohesive, and fulfilling way to navigate the rich complexity of the traditional, modern, and post-modern worlds. Through it all runs a single thread: a fierce determination to connect the dots of our fragmented lives and make sense of a world gone slightly mad.

Here you can discover how people from all walks of life are applying the Integral approach to their lives and their work, and see for yourself how it is being used to define the leading-edge of a wide variety of disciplines.

Feel free to take a listen to the free audio samples provided below, and simply click on the images to be taken to the full presentation. You can also click on any of the topic banners below if you'd like to see more offerings in each category.


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