Poking Wholes in a Partial World: Announcing
September 28, 2009 15:03

Corey deVos (writer, content producer, and webmaster for Integral Life) has recently launched a new website, Poking Wholes in a Partial World. Here you can find all of his writing, music, and feeble attempts at humor all in one place. Lucky you!

Here's a small sampling of pieces you may be interested in:


God and Evolution: The Beginning is the End is the Beginning

"In the beginning, there is nothing. There is nothing at all. There are no stars, no moon, no mountains or ocean or sky. There isn’t even nothingness, not even the absence of absence. There is only pure reality—infinite, boundless, and silent. There is only pure unobstructed Awareness...."


Simply Love

"Simply love. This is all Christ, or any other enlightened master, has ever asked of us. Love fully, love freely, and love completely. Love to the bottom of our hearts, to the depths of our souls, using every moment as an opportunity to express gratitude for our blessings and our devotion to one another. It is such a deceptively simple instruction—so much so that we rarely find it being followed in a wholehearted way in our own lives or in the world around us. This is one of the central paradoxes of Christ’s message: it is so simple that almost everyone misses it. So simple that most people would have an easier time walking through the eye of a needle than they would walking the path of God’s love...."


Fully Human, Fully Divine: Integrating the Work of James Fowler and Evelyn Underhill

"In this piece I will outline two concepts that lie at the core of the religious, spiritual, and mystical dialogue: the notion of “vertical development” through the major stages of consciousness studied by the world’s great developmental psychologists, and of “horizontal development” through the major states of consciousness that are found in virtually all the world’s religious traditions. States and stages, fullness and freedom, human and divine—these are the two axes of personal and spiritual development, two vectors of human potential that intersect deep in our hearts, tracing an outline of Christianity’s most sacred symbol with each and every breath."


The Church of Rock

"From indigenous shamans invoking the elements through rhythm and dance, to the ancient cult of Pythagoras seeking the ever-elusive “harmony of the spheres,” to Sufi dervishes whirling their way to enlightenment, to the hallowed tones of sacred hymns echoing through secluded monasteries—all throughout history, music has always been an important part of spiritual life. It has been used as an instrument of worship, appreciation, and fellowship; a channel for inspiration and illumination; and a gateway to both sensual embodiment as well as radical self-transcendence. Music has often been thought to mirror the elusive mysteries of creation itself: all melodies reflecting the mathematical patterns of the universe, all rhythms echoing the primordial heartbeat of God....."


Synchronicity: A Post-Metaphysical Interpretation (free audio dialogue)

"A year or two ago i recorded this piece with Ken Wilber during one of the live conference calls at Integral Spiritual Center. For me, synchronicity feels almost like a collapse of the four quadrants of my holon into a singular experience of tetra-emergence, in which my UL intention, my UR actions, my LR circumstances, and my LL sense of meaning and context all fall into perfect symmetry with each other. In these moments, there is a sensation that the totality of my subject suddenly becomes object in my awareness, a sort of bird’s-eye-view of self–and perhaps more profoundly, there is usually a sense of presence of and sometimes even subtle interaction with an intelligence that is undeniably greater than my own...."


The Singularity: Rupture or Rapture?

"Make no mistake: if it is to truly become the denouement of human evolution, a jumping-off point for an entirely new conception of human existence, the technological Singularity must be accompanied by a cultural Singularity and a conscious Singularity—a Singularity of “I”, a Singularity of “we”, and a Singularity of “it”. Otherwise it will not be a Singularity at all, but a world-devouring monster at the end of history, threatening to send evolution in this tiny corner of the galaxy back thousands, if not millions of years."


Integral Trans-Partisan Politics

"When watching the speeches, interviews, and debates on either side of the fence, there is such an incredible difference between the tone, rhetoric, and messages coming from the two major political parties that many pundits have commented that it is as though we live in two utterly different Americas, with very little overlap between the two. But the truth is, we do not live in two Americas, but in a single America composed of at least four or five different sets of values, all crammed together into a two-party political system that is becoming increasingly incapable of representing these wildly different perspectives...."


Climate, Culture, and Consciousness: Growing Green

"Hurricanes, tsunamis, drought, global warming, melting icecaps, eradication of biodiversity—to many of us, these harbingers of our planet’s seemingly imminent environmental meltdown are becoming more and more apparent each year, while the need for effective and enforceable sustainability policies on a global scale are becoming more and more urgent. And as is usually the case with human development, we find ourselves locked into the dialectic of good news/bad news, with our own fate as a species quite possibly hanging in the balance...."


Here Be Dragons: Conspiracy Theory and the Power Elite

"As a life-long enthusiast of conspiracy theory, i’ve kept an eye on everything from Alex Jones to the Masons, to the Bilderbergers, and all the way to glass domes on the moon, structures on Mars, ancient astronauts, and various forms of (occasionally illicit) extraterrestrial liaison. Not only is it wildly entertaining to wrap interesting mythologies around the complexity of modern life, it’s also a great way to remind myself of everything i don’t know—and i personally think that it is extremely important for even our best maps of reality to acknowledge the mind boggling mystery at the periphery of understanding, dark seas of incomprehension scribed with warnings that plainly read: 'Here Be Dragons'...."


Power, Powerless, and the "Myth of Oppression"

"Power and powerlessness both lay at the heart of our ongoing cultural discussion of equality among the sexes. Too often we perceive this as a somewhat binary distinction—one group as the oppressor, the other as the oppressed—and thus one gender’s power tends to be defined by another group’s powerlessness. Typical of this line of thought is the claim that men have held the majority of the power for millennia, which has made women powerless by default. However, this oversimplification of sex and gender can be counterproductive in many important ways...."


Race, Privilege, and Color-Blindness: A White Boy's Perspective

"I remember the first time i ever felt the color of my skin. I was in 9th grade, and though i came from a pretty racist family, my mother and stepfather were very careful to keep me away from such toxic values. As a result, i was raised to be “color-blind” to questions of race. It was all very naive, as i was largely unconscious of the struggles minorites were experiencing every day. I think there is a sort of expectancy for post-amber whites to become “color-blind” to racial differences—especially in the zeitgeist of postmodernism. But i think that such “color-blindness” is a sort of covert racism—after all, the only people who can afford to be “color-blind” are the ones who never have to even think about the color of their skin. The ones who aren’t forced to confront their own identity on a daily basis in the same way that minorities are. “Color-blindness” is just another perk of white privilege, along with mortgages, small classroom sizes, and free access to the country club pool...."


And don't miss....


Music by dj rekluse

"Here’s my most recent dj mix for you all, a “trans-genre” blend of hip hop, classic rock, metal, industrial, downtempo, etc. I have broken the full mix into four pieces—four different “mini-sets” that all blend together when listened to consecutively...."




"I am starting a new internet meme. I’m calling it LOLsages, which essentially represents a post-post-modern mashup of the incredibly brilliant and the incredibly stupid...."



If you like what you see on, help make his right-hand quadrants as fullfilling as his left-hand quadrants by considering a PayPal donation—just click the link in the right sidebar of the site.



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