1000 Views of God and the Rebirth of Cool
October 14, 2009 14:37

Written by Corey W. deVos

I have been looking forward to this week’s launch for a long time, eagerly awaiting the opportunity to invite you to check out a new monthly installment here on Integral Life: the debut of the Integral Life Art Gallery.  As many of you already know, art, creativity, and aesthetics have always been an essential part of an integrally-lived life. In fact, the very existence of a genuinely transformative Integral Art scene is one of the greatest indicators that we are indeed part of a bonafide cultural movement, as we have often looked to our greatest artists to scout out the unfamiliar territory ahead of us, blazing new paths through the wilderness of consciousness.

We have been working very hard to find a way to present the extraordinary talent shared by the Integral Art community here on Integral Life, and I believe we have achieved exactly this. I am very proud and excited to invite you all to check it out.

Our debut gallery features the work of Bryce Widom, an accomplished painter, designer, and illustrator as well as a beloved part of the Boulder/Denver integral community. His gallery is titled 1000 Views of God, and I am sure you will find it as breathtaking as I did.

By painting 1000 Views of God, I’m consciously marrying my work as an artist with my spiritual path. Each painting becomes a meditation, a prayer, a moment of turning all my attention toward the divine with an open body, mind, and heart.

In this exploration, no subject is off-limits, for there is no limit to the domain of the divine. This includes both the “shadow” terrain of my inner landscape, as well as the brightest aspects of Spirit.” -Bryce Widom

And be sure to check out Bryce’s exclusive interview with Stuart Davis, The Life of an Artist: Fantasies, Realities, and a Thousand Views of God, in which you can find insight into his creative process and some of his own personal struggles eking out a living as an artist.

Of course, there is much more to the Integral Art experience than just sitting back and taking it all in. We are more than just idle consumers of art—we are also the enactors of art, co-conspirators in Beauty’s unveiling. Our interpretations of beauty are therefore at least as important as our actual perception of beauty, and certainly indivisible from the whole of our experience. As such, we want to give you the tools needed to help you more deeply perceive and interpret the beauty that surrounds you.

Which is why we are also excited to introduce you to our new Aesthetics Editor, Dr. Michael Schwartz, Professor of the Philosophy of Art at Augusta State University. Michael will offer some very special commentary for each of our monthly art galleries, as you will see in 1000 Views of God.

So you can get to know Michael a little better, we have also included an interview between he and Stuart Davis, The Complementary Dance of Art and Economics, originally recorded in 2005. Whether you’re an artist or not, we invite you to listen in on the ways we can all bring a more comprehensive, integral, balanced approach to life as a human being. And balanced doesn’t mean boring—you can rock the boat all the more wildly, because you’re aware of all the things keeping you afloat.

We have also included Ken Wilber’s masterful essay Integral Art and Literary Theory—a pièce de résistance in its own right—in which he walks us through his integral process of art interpretation and takes an in-depth look at a famous painting by Van Gogh of a pair of worn shoes.


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I titled this letter “The Rebirth of Cool” because that is exactly what this week’s offerings strive for. This is Integral Cool. These are the perspectives at the forefront of the new avant-garde, pushing deeper into new possibilities and new expressions of creative novelty, forging the sounds and visions of the Integral movement with every brushstroke, every melody, and every written word.

After all, an evolution without dancing (or painting, or acting, or writing, or performing) is an evolution not worth having.

Special thanks to Angie Hinickle for her exquisite work creating the new Integral Life Art Gallery.

Call For Submissions: If you would like your own art to be considered for a future Integral Life Art Gallery, please submit samples of your work as well as a brief description of how the Integral vision has informed your process to Angie at


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