Personal Invitation to Integral Life
November 05, 2009 12:25

Hello friends,

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This is Ken Wilber, and I wanted to take a moment to write you and tell you of the first and only organization that is the exclusive outlet of my Integral work and all projects connected with it. The organization is called Integral Life, co-founded by myself and my CEO, Robb Smith.

I’m truly excited by this organization and its development, because for the first time in history, although there are hundreds of projects and organizations and websites inspired by my work, this is the first one that has my personal seal of approval. The projects, partner organizations, academic journals and books, blogs and forums all have a quality checked by me to personally guarantee that my Integral model is being used accurately. That’s the problem with these hundreds of other applications of my work. As much as I truly appreciate the inspired use of my model by them, there are often misinterpretations of its leading ideas, resulting in less than truly Integral results. But no more.

All of the offerings of, and partnerships with, Integral Life have my personal seal of quality control. From Integral Therapy to Integral Spirituality, from Integral Politics to Integral Coaching, from Integral Law to Integral Art, all of Integral Life productions are quality controlled, and thus you are guaranteed of getting the real item in any of your involvements with Integral Life. This is not to say those other organizations using my work are wrong; many of them are superb. But you are guaranteed this quality with every production of Integral Life. At the very least, I am working as hard as I can to assure this—not that everybody must agree with my model, but that they present it accurately, so you can make up your own mind by getting the real deal.

Starting with our new web portal: Here you can find such extraordinary works as the Journal of Integral Theory and Practice (JITP). This journal is the result of several hundred Integral scholars and practitioners from all over the world, each of whom have discussed their work with me in detail (in recorded sessions—over a thousand hours of them!). Again, it’s not that they have to agree with me, but that they represent the Integral model accurately and fairly before they criticize it. I’m particularly proud of this journal, in that over 37 human disciplines (from psychology to art to history to education to politics to economics to law to spirituality to relationships) have been revolutionized by being re-interpreted through the Integral lens, showing what an extraordinarily versatile model the Integral framework is. If there is a worldwide Integral revolution underway—and I believe there certainly is—the articles and essays in JITP are pointing the way for this transformation in every field of human knowledge. The revolution is here!

This portal is also the home of some of the world’s finest and most influential spiritual teachers. Integral Life is devoted to an application of the Integral framework to every major spiritual tradition in the world, which is already revolutionizing spirituality itself (creating Integral Christianity, Integral Kabbalah, Integral Zen, Integral Vedanta, Integral Taoism, Integral Vajrayana Buddhism, and so on). Look for the upcoming extraordinary 5-day seminar on the Unique Self.

Integral Life also supports the original Integral Institute (which publishes the Journal of Integral Theory and Practice). Over several thousand Integral scholars, theorists, and practitioners the world over have made this the premier organization for advanced, in-depth discussions and pioneering work in Integral Theory and Integral Practices, much of which can be found posted in JITP.

You can also find the home base of Integral Coaching, which is the first, and certainly finest, of a full-range coaching experience based fully on my work. This makes Integral Coaching the first major component of an Integral Life Practice. Most important of all, you can sign up with one of our fully and personally trained coaches to work with you, thus getting the full experience of an Integral Life directly for yourself, learning to turn the mere theory of Integral Vision into a direct and living Presence! The personal reports from people undergoing Integral Coaching are as extraordinarily positive and affirmative as any feedback I have ever seen from any spiritual practice or coaching lessons anywhere, so please consider taking advantage of this, and begin to incorporate a living Integral approach directly into your own life—thus radically transforming your body, mind, and spirit in self, culture, and nature. Click here to learn more about Integral Coaching.

Notice also the Annual Integral Theory Conference, held last year at (and co-sponsored by) JFK University. This Conference was a smash success by all accounts, with over 500 people of every variety attending several dozen presentations and experiential workshops. More than a series of presentations, however, it was an expression and celebration of Integral community. As such, it left a deep and lasting impression of the most positive sort on everybody who attended.

A few of the many other offerings on include:

Weekly I-Life dialogues—formerly known as Integral Naked, this is a weekly web radio show hosted by myself, and including dialogues with the world’s greatest Integral thinkers and practitioners. This is the only place for such state-of-the-art discussions, and includes my own most recent thinking in all things Integral. This is a highly popular program.

Weekly videos—on every imaginable aspect of Integral Theory, with some of the world’s leading Integral practitioners and experts.

Comprehensive library of content—never before has Integral material been so easy to access! Hundreds of hours of quality audio/video material at the touch of a fingertip.

Learn, Apply, and Awaken Channels—with material covering every major aspect of Integral Life, ways to apply the Integral approach in our work, life, relationships, parenting, job, and in-depth presentations on all the various types of practices for implementing an Integral Life, including many of the leading-edge practices from Integral Spiritual Center and Integral Coaching.

These channels also contain a ton of material devoted to Art and Entertainment, Business, Education, Environment, Health and Wellness, Politics, Psychology, Relationships and Sexuality, Science and Technology, Spirituality and Religion.

You can also find access to profound Integral Events. I already mentioned the upcoming Integral Spiritual Experience week-long event on the Unique Self. This is the first of a five-year series of Integral Experience week-longs, with each of them focusing on a crucial area of Integral Spirituality, and taught by nearly two-dozen of the finest integral spiritual teachers alive.

Another Integral Event is the upcoming 2020 Climate Leadership Campaign conference, co-sponsored with the State of the World Forum. This is the first of a ten-year program devoted to bringing the Integral Framework to the extremely pressing issue of climate control and global warming. One thing is certain: all of the approaches out there now to climate control are less than Integral, and thus compound the problem as much as they help. This pioneering conference promises to change all that, and begin to produce truly effective recommendations before it’s too late!

More than that, Integral Life is really a community of individuals, all dedicated to bringing an Integral Approach to their work, their play, their relationships, their life. In the words of Integral Life CEO Robb Smith:

“Integral Life is less a product or even a service and more like a lifelong friend. We do this out of love. We don't believe in hard sales pitches. People who are ready to integrate their experience will insist on finding ways to do so and look to put it into action for a better life for themselves and the planet. You are an immensely important part of this unfolding story and we look forward to knowing you."

Your membership in Integral Life goes directly to supporting Integral Institute and dozens of other Integral organizations and efforts around the world. By becoming a member of Integral Life (the first month is free!—Click here to learn more!), you announce your own affiliation with—and directly help to support—the aims and goals of a truly Integral world. You are stating that your very identity is Integral, that you are dedicated to a world that is radically inclusive, encompassing, caring, embracing, and loving.

There is indeed an Integral Revolution that is just now beginning to sweep the world, and by joining Integral Life you announce that you are an intrinsic part of this extraordinary worldwide transformation. In the history of the world, there have only been 4 or 5 truly major transformations—from magic/foraging to mythic/agrarian to rational/industrial to postmodern/internet. The Integral/meshwork is the 5th major transformation in all of humankind’s history, with the exception here being that you can actually be a direct part of this extraordinary transformation in many ways, a premiere way being to join Integral Life itself and become part of the worldwide community that is creating, right now, the very form of the future, this time in an Integral fashion.

Won’t you join me in this truly amazing endeavor? Please do... (And remember, the first month is free. Plus, with this letter, the good folks at Integral Life will send you a beautiful DVD/2CD package, completely free of charge, which contains a superb sampling of material from the site. Just click here to get started! See you there!)

Much love and light,

Ken Wilber

(If you are already a member of the Integral Multiplex, you automatically are a member of, so if you haven’t checked out the site, please do.)



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