2012 and the Inevitable End of Everything: Ken's Perspective
November 12, 2009 15:49

With so much end-of-the-world hype spreading through our digital nervous system, especially in the wake of the new film 2012 we thought we would compile a few clips from the Integral Life archives that offer Ken Wilber's own perspective about 2012, the apocalypse, and the future of civilization as a whole.  All these clips are available for free.

Also, be sure to check out InformationIsBeautiful's gorgeous info-graphic separating 2012 facts from fiction. Link.

Is the Future Spinning Out of Control?

“Is everything spinning out of control?” asked an Associated Press article in Summer 2008. Between rising flood waters in the Midwest, drowning polar bears in the far North, skyrocketing gas prices, plummeting home values, and endless wars on multiple fronts, the future does not seem to be living up to its promise—a promise envisioned since the détente of the Cold War and the proclamation of George H.W. Bush’s “New World Order.” From an Integral altitude, what can we make of the future?


The Ever-Nearing Apocalypse

Each altitude sees the apocalypse differently: Magenta is awaiting the return of Quetzalcoatl and the completion of the "long cycle" of the ancient Mayan calender. Red is currently stocking ammunition and digging bunkers in Montana. Amber is eagerly anticipating the Rapture just before the arrival of the Four Horsemen. Orange prognosticates a very gloomy future after the total collapse of the global economy. While Green just hopes we make it to 2012 before we all boil alive in our own atmosphere.

Are we facing the inevitable end of everything? Or are we experiencing an entirely new set of global life conditions which—painful and chaotic as they are—will nonetheless lead to a more sane and integral future? Repent, the Beginning is near!!!


2012, the Aquarian Age, and the Nature of Evolution

From the Mayan prophecies of 2012 to the Aquarian Age, ever since the sixties many of us have felt that something big is about to happen in human consciousness—indeed, in human history—and that we are lucky enough to be a part of that monumental transformation. So what’s going on here? Is this simply the narcissistic fantasy of our time, or are we truly fortunate enough to be participating in the culmination of 15 billion years of evolution? As might be expected, the truth seems to be somewhere in the middle: no, we are not going to “go up in light” any day now—but the evolving universe has become conscious of itself, and it’s only through the precious human vehicle that this understanding is realized—that is, if we survive long enough to engage the glorious possibilities before us. As with any evolutionary step forward, the promise of the good to come is weighed against the new terrors hidden in this nascent power. Ken goes on to discuss his work-in-progress, The Many Faces of Terrorism, and how, with the advancement of pluralistic values on a global scale, and the implementation of worldwide one-person-one-vote electronic democracy, only 50% of the population may survive this brave new world….


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